Beauty of Holiness


Rev. Joyce McNaughton is blessed. And she blesses others with the gifts, the passion and the talents that our Heavenly Father has anointed her with.  Although she has been called to minister in various settings, like Mexico, China, Russian, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, India and Africa, she is now seasonally planted in Spain.

The Lord’s work for her involves the specific opportunities for the will of God: Healing School – teaching and preaching Bible truths about physical health and healing;  The Beauty of Holiness – Sharing the love of Jesus with the girls of the night; and, Costa del Sol Bible Institute – Instruction and training in the Bible and Christian living.

Rev. Joyce McNaughton is blessed by the word of God; and she blesses in the areas of her callings. She is not stirred nor shaken by life’s challenges or life’s unexpected happenstances: her house is built upon a solid foundation of obedience.  She hears the words of Jesus and does them, and she is not moved.

To learn more about Rev. Joyce McNaughton’s ministry and the blessings that follow her, you may find a link to Rejoice Ministries in the right side bar of this Blog. We thank God for the work that is done by her hands, and rejoice with her to God’s love and good will in Spain.

What a blessing Rev. Joyce is to the God, the Family of God; and to those who do not yet know Him, but shall through the blessed work of the Word of God through Rev. McNaughton. Participate with Rev. McNaughton in her work of the Lord, visit her ministry website at the link provided.

Thank you Rev. Joyce McNaugton

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