. . . A Run On The Banks!


Is America and the world experiencing a “bank run” today?  I say yes . . . given “the government” is now the bank!  Although, I also believe it’s very carefully camouflaged as the government and elite pilfer your personal wealth.

Generally, a bank run (also known as a run on the bank) occurs in a fractional reserve banking system when a large number of customers withdraw their deposits from a financial institution at the same time and either demand cash or transfer those funds into government bonds or precious metals or a safer institution because they believe that the financial institution is, or might become, insolvent.

As a bank run progresses, it generates its own momentum, in a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy (or positive feedback loop) – as more people withdraw their deposits, the likelihood of default increases, thus triggering further withdrawals. This can destabilize the bank to the point where it runs out of cash and thus faces sudden bankruptcy.  Let’s paraphrase this . . .

The only reason wide-spread bank run panic has not hit the streets and national news, is that today’s bank run is disguised as a government entitlement grab rather than bank demand grab. In either event insolvency is the paradigm. The government is negotiating out of fear; and the masses are grabbing [demanding] out of fear.

Today’s power players of government and banking, acting in harmony, have cleverly rhetoricized, politicized and manipulated the masses to accepting debt ceiling obligations, tax increases and justifying rich depositors should pay the greater [fair] share of their deposits to those demands of the government grab.   Recent political campaigns promise the bank doors are and will remain open . . . the voter masses are responding in kind.

Americans [and other country citizens] are running to the government in panic numbers with one purpose: grab all of the entitlements, cash assistance, food stamps, affordable healthcare, educational grants – low interest loans – and spoils before the bank [government] door closes for good!  The [astute] masses know the doors may not be open for long and they are responding – a run on the government – as fast as they can.

And how does the government respond? The criminal bureaucrats are disguising the insolvency and cause for concern by justifying and reclassifying the fraud. After promising the American voter renewed confidence, the current Obama Administration now cries foul relative to sequester repercussions at home while the new Secretary of State is giving away MILLIONS to potential enemies abroad! I believe it’s a carefully constructed hypocrisy.

On the street level, a drug addict will lie, cheat and steal to feed their habit: manipulate, deceive and corrupt any element of character and relationships to meet their own selfish appetite.  It’s a psychopathic personality . . . the same which is now demonstrated by government.  It’s the lie of promising benefits to the victims [the mass public] to justify the theft of the victim citizens.

There seems to be no intervention. No national referendum, party, platform, policy or administration is able to preside other than comply with a further deception of evil.

Our prediction is the run on the bank – the government grab – will increase to levels of unprecedented panic.  Biblical  Eschatologists believe it’s simply part of the shaking foretold in the Books of Zechariah, Haggai, Hebrews and James.  And, it will be a Prosperity Phenomenon for the Body of Christ.

“The LORD alone, will be exalted in that day . . .” Isaiah, Chapter 2.

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