Is there a Prosperity Phenomenon Arising?


TODAY there is dramatic change occurring on the global stage unprecedented in world history.  From the highest levels of society and governments to the individual domain. Global unrest dominates the news and uncertainty grips, while rebelliousness is woven through the fabric of every nation on earth.

CITIZENS are crying for good news and stability, longing for the assurance of dependable freedoms: respectable education, meaningful jobs, affordable housing, stable currency, good food supply, dependable health care, family privileges, reasonable retirement and good will.

EVENTS and threatening circumstances are growing in proportion to expectations; and erosion of traditional means of security is vanishing!  The national and global masses are pushing leaders and elected officials for solutions – and no solutions are found: the hopes of many are met with two steps forward and three steps back.

DESPERATION is the incubator for “crisis opportunities” with false promises of new riches by following self-proclaimed gurus of “hidden knowledge” and secret information. And the unsuspecting consumer [desperate to maintain or reclaim the illusions of prosperity] willingly parts with money they don’t have to “buy in” to or invest into the cycles and prospect of new hope in the world!

HOPE is not lost! The most compelling story ever known, since the beginning of time, is beginning to unfold! The news of this story is so incomparable and so phenomenal, the Scripture says God, Himself, must and will enlarge the hearts of men to be able to handle the celebration before the return of Jesus Christ.

REVELATION of a global Prosperity Phenomenon, traced through Scripture as intended for the Body of Christ at the end of time is so compelling, The Day and Night Post has purposed its journalistic focus to publicize the events of revelation, world news and God’s News for Global Change.  Though it may seem unbelievable, unnoticeable and unreported by the main stream media; if true it will be undeniable as global events continue.

PURPOSED by God to bring the glory of the world [the world’s riches] to the Body of Christ, enabling them to take the glory of God to the world for the great end-time harvest may be stirring in biblical proportions.  And, if these fulfillments are taking place, nothing can deter the hand of God.  So . . .

FOLLOW US as we bring to you news from biblical scholars, global events and progress reports of the manifestation of God’s promises found through the Old and New Testaments.

While others are predicting cataclysmic and end of the world threats, our staff research, followed by subtle focused observation, has uncovered the fulfilments of God’s word which will call the world to Come to Glory, soon to Arise and Shine in undeniable radiance as the harvest of the “bumper crop” of the earth culminates in the greatest event in world history!

GOD HAS had long patience for a Day of the LORD of hosts!  Planned in the covenant with Abraham, exampled in the Exodus, reconfirmed by Haggai and Zechariah and prophesied in Hebrews and the Book of James for a set time at the end of the church age, the revelation is unfolding in the fullness of time!

CELEBRATE the progress with us as we welcome your own reply and reports.

RECIEVE A SPECIAL REPORT: to “Come to Glory,” a Financial Glory of God’s Promise.


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