Arise and Shine in a World of Chaos – Part 5


Arise and Shine in the earth is really all about restoration.  I once heard a pastor say that every verse of Scripture in the Bible can be hung from two classifications: redemption of mankind; and restoration of the Kingdom of God.  Although we know there will be countless examples of restoration as the Body of Christ grows brighter and brighter as to the noon day sun, our brief mini-series this week has just scratched the surface of God’s grace for restoration.

We’ve seen the testimony of God restoring the life of two small boys. And we’ve heard the story of joy and happiness; restoring a soul from hell. There is growing news of God restoring a future and a destiny for untold numbers of Muslims through visions and the personal calling of Jesus Christ.

And today we would like to feature “Arise and Shine” in the earth: restoring the dignity and a hope from the trade of human trafficking.  Our personal acquaintance, Rev. Joyce McNaughton, has followed the call of Christ to the streets of Spain.  There she too walks the streets of Malaga, Spain and neighboring communities.  But, her walk is in the light of love.  She carries with her the message of the Gospel to the captives of iniquity and ill repute.  The Day and Night Post supports Rev. McNaughton in her solo ministry; and we encourage our faithful readers to support her as well.

Maybe you have not been personally called to travel physically to Spain or other parts of the world, live in the trenches and the communities where Christ would personally walk to set the captives free.  But you can support Rejoice Ministries from wherever you are.  Now, Rev. McNaughton would not be so intent to focus upon her ministry as she would be to have us focus on the ladies whose lives now reflect the majesty of God through Christ.  So today’s post is going to feature the story of how God restores the heart and restores the path of once lost lives.

As a recent video of Rev. McNaughton’s Ministry is in the works, we are going to present a like example of ministry on the streets of America, where former prostitute Anne Lobert, is now taking the grace of God to ladies of the evening in Las Vegas, NV.

As you watch the following video, think of the joy, the fulfillment and the transformation that former sex slaves held captive in Malaga, Spain are giving testimony about the love and the forgiveness of Christ through the faithful work of Rev. Joyce McNaughton.

Annie Lobert – A Testimony Of The Grace of God!

Do you remember the seven-fold character of God: love, power, wisdom, righteousness, mercy, justice and judgment.  The love of God knows no discrimination.  It matters not whether the object of grace is a small boy, a tormented teenager, a false religion or a sex slave held in captivity.  The love of God can deliver and restore to the full joy of salvation and living a life that is rich – the sweet fragrance of Christ. You can find Rev. Joyce McNaughton’s website Rejoice Ministries to familiarize yourself with the “Beauty of Holiness.”

This morning in an early email to The Post, I received a daily prophetic word.  It went like this, “You have had many opportunities through adversity to fall down and stay down.  I call to you to gather your strength and get up.  You are not without help; I am with you to lift you up again if you will refuse to give up.  Exercise your faith and seek My help, says the Lord, for surely I will hear your cries and come to your aid.  Trust me to lift you up again.  Micah 7:8, “Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; when I fall, I will arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me.”

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