Arise and Shine, Pt. 3


If you’re a serious student of the Scripture, it isn’t too long before you reason the word of God is too good to be true!  From an earthly perspective it’s just simply too good to be true!  I could say it like this: the word of God, the promises of God, the knowledge of God, the abilities of God, the power of God is simply way beyond what we could possibly know or understand to be true.  Or, given what mankind knows and understands to be true, the attributes, the character and the ways of God go way beyond . . . immeasurable!  The human experience always considers their own frame of reference, experience, knowledge and then tries to define God’s truth into those limits.

So it’s easy, when confronting the word of God, to conclude that much of it is too good to be true. But, what if it isn’t?  Jesus regularly emphasized, if you simply believe, anything is possible with God!  That goes way beyond our natural frame of reference.

In this Part 3 of our title, Arise and Shine, Dr. Pickney will take the word of God at face value and lead the hearer into the arena of too good to be true.  You’ll begin to see and understand that the coming Day of Jehovah Tsaba is way beyond any good that you have ever known to be true.  Through this teaching we pray the LORD will begin to enlarge your heart to know, by the spirit, the too good to be true is true.  And therefore producing a faith in you that enlarges and compounds to the blessing and The Day of The LORD of host; the Day of Jehovah Tsaba.

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