Boston’s Trauma of Terror


Yesterday and today the world is reporting the trauma of terror at the finish line in the Boston Marathon.

Once again, terror strikes on the American soil. Once again, evil raises its head. And once again, the focus on who, what, when; and news reports highlight escalation of a dramatic, confused and world in panic brought a little closer to home for the American people.

Although decidedly appropriate, the words of the President, national investigation bureau chiefs, state and local officials or national news commentaries do not bring back the lives which are lost: the innocent bystanders, the surviving victims and the families suffering loss of limb or life!

Millions of Americans and global citizens are asking why; and who purposes to kill, destroy lives and wreak havoc on a peaceable gathering on a beautiful spring day in Boston; or for that matter, anywhere in the world; any street side cafe, metro rail, train station, sporting event, public gathering or border crossing?  It is the face of evil!

Already the suspicions of rebuke and theories of conspiracy are gathering momentum.  And, the general public may never know.  But what we do know is the continual mounting events of threat and incident and aftermath are growing globally.  What is seen afar off on American televisions are now seen at home.

Whether the event of April 15, 2013 in Boston, MA, is the result of protest, unemployment, partisan rebuke, hatred towards America, or the plot of disorder motivated: internal or external enemies, the escalation of terrors are signs of the times.

Our purpose is not to sensationalize terror or suspicion prophetic fulfillment at the expense of tragedy; but to cry upon the Lord of hosts that the bridle reins of terror be shortened; the intervention of the Day of the Lord of hosts be quick; and pray the Most High is the only one righteous and qualified to bring a righteous judgment upon the evils of our world.

Following escalated events and the sinfulness of man upon the earth, we invite our readers to prepare for the Coming Day of Glory. While terror reigns in the hearts of evil wicked men, the Lord of hosts has a different hope: a promise for His family.  What is that hope?  What is that promise?

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