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Reject Fear – Stay in Faith

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There seems to be a lot of reasons for discouragement today.  But, we’re not going to list troubles seen, heard and expressed by the world.  Like the words to the popular Louis Armstrong song, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen – Nobody knows but Jesus – Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen – Glory Hallelujah…”

Yes, seems to be a lot of reasons to be discouraged in these days.  And sometimes it’s hard to tell the Christians for the world by the words of thy mouth?  Since no one is immune from attacks of discouragement, we thought it would be good to remind you and ourselves of the assistance of God’s word for the defense against troubled times.  And we wanted to reach out to you – whoever you are, wherever you are – with the assistance of encouragement that God’s word brings success and accomplishment.  God is telling today:

“Throw caution to the wind and launch out into the deep waters of revelation of My purposes for you. I am seeking those whose hearts are willing to risk everything to live life in the Kingdom to its fullest.  Refuse to allow fear to be a restraining force, and dare to believe My Word and allow its demonstration in every circumstance.  This is no time to puddle around in shallow faith.  Be undaunted in the face of danger or adversity as you believe the truth that will set you free,” says the Lord.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

So, here’s a promise from the word of God:  “This book of the law [this word] shall not depart out of your mouth; but thou shall meditate therein day and night, that thou shall observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then, you shall make thy way prosperous, and you shall have good success,” Joshua 1:8.

Keep in touch with us; and let us encourage you and you also encourage us – The Day and Night Post. The Word of God will be your Assistance.  

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does –

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OPEC headquarters in Vienna
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From a worldly perspective, changes must occur and adjustments must be made if economic recovery is to take place. And in a free market society where honest competition gives the life blood to prosperity that is usually the case. But in the case of manipulated change for adjustment’s sake, chaos prevails.  And when manipulation, concealed in a cloak of secrecy, is disguised as a scapegoat, there lurks the seeds of tragedy.

Such is the case of currently blaming OPEC as a checkmate to world economic recovery.  In a recent article in Blog, titled, “Rising Oil Prices Pose Threat to Economic Recovery, and OPEC Isn’t Helping,” the article started by stating, “As the price of crude has risen steadily over the last three months, stretching toward the $100-per-barrel mark, concern among economists has grown that rising prices could hinder the fragile recovery of the global economy. While there is little cause for concern at the moment, the price of crude and the growth of the world’s damaged economies are locked in a race—and if oil prices prove to outpace economic growth, consumers of petroleum products and, by extension, national economies around the world, could suffer.” 

The globalists who control oil prices dictate to OPEC what they will produce [release to the market] and what the price of oil will be! Period!  It’s really no different than the FED controlling the money supply and blaming it on the market for a lack of liquidity?  The system does a masterful job at public relations and the news media to cast a constant blame on the other guy [whom they also control]. It is a constant game to hide in plain sight.  And it offers constant fuel to the furnace of outrage with heated and blasting distractions.  The manipulators act; and the world’s consumers react.  On both sides of the fence, it is a classic case of, “Stupid is as stupid does.”  We’d have a much better chance of recovery if Forest Gump was running the world.

And all the while you are distracted; your personal wealth is being quietly stolen from you.  Economic storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.  Life as we know it around the world is about to change dramatically. It is going to be up to you, the reader, to take action in order to protect yourself and your family. Action without information is fanaticism … but information without action will destroy you! 

This is a time to diversify your assets and put a significant portion in metals.  Precious metals are the only monetary assets that are not someone else’s liability: currency is debt!  It’s time to get out of the dollar, get out of the euro, get out of the national currencies and get into metals. You need to understand how the economic system works and what kind of assets to own. 

There is global political and financial elite that have devised a world system that transfers wealth, power and ultimately freedom from honest, hard working, but for the most part uninformed citizens of the world without their knowledge. It seems surreal to most, but it is reality.  The greatest tragedy of this decade will be that more people are going to lose more wealth than at any other time in history. The world plan is to harvest that wealth into the hands of the privileged elite. But, the greatest surprise is that God has a plan to circumvent that transfer and it will be given to the family of God at exactly the same time.

You won’t be able to focus on receiving it if you’re standing in line at the local institutions of government, banking and investments with depravity and an outstretched hand to try to reclaim your CD’s, bonds, notes, mutual funds, 401K’s, pensions,  and annuities that aren’t so flexible [or available] anymore!

I wish The Day and Night Post was a precious metal dealer; and I wish The Day and Night Post had about 10,000,000 readers!  Just maybe we could profit [a little] off of this post?  But we’re not; and we don’t to date.  Nevertheless, you can take this article to the bank!  “Stay Posted” to The Day and Night Post. Next week on Thursday [January 6, 2010] we are going to into some detail about the Biblical foundation for precious metals. In the mean time . . . do your homework, be informed, and take action!

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Information Without Action Will Destroy You

It’s Different This Time!

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Blog to Work

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Blogging to Work can be a revolution for fun and profits.  In today’s changing world, a paradigm struggle is the balance between traditional employment, technology and emerging e-income. 

Amidst the boom, bubble and bust in 2000, internet and technology has changed the course of traditional jobs, income opportunity and work at home potential. 

And, following the gold rush fever are the hucksters of profit in smoky phone rooms selling biz ops and “get rich quick” internet income schemes.  Often there is a well documented TV Infomercial that lures your name and telephone number targeted for the “today only” promotion . . . “We’ll take VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.  And for a low down payment today [????], you’re entitled to ongoing coaching for . . . how much of a credit line do you have?”  This is where they prime you for the ongoing cash [credit] outlay!

The unsuspecting consumer doesn’t realize that ongoing coaching is carefully designed solicitation for cleverly disguised prerequisites [needed] for your step-by-step success? You hear, “It’s like a college course in internet marketing! If you want to get your PhD., you’ll need to pay a little tuition?”  Sounds reasonable?  And so, you pay . . . and pay . . . and pay!  I’ve talked to people who have paid $5,000 – $10,000 – $20,000 . . . yes – $50,000 for the complete course?  And their business is no further along than day one. But, the reason their business is not YET realizing a cash flow is simply, “You need the next course. Sir/Ma’am, you need SEO, Google Adwords training, content management, pay per clicks, back linking, etc.?”  And the courses are always guaranteed?  Right? But of course the guarantee is always contingent upon your disciplines, study and completion which can never be substantiated.  Can we say, “Kiss My Money Goodbye?”

Help!  How do you make the transition into the world of internet commerce?  Well, we indicated last week that we would research and sanction online opportunities for your benefit.  Although we cannot guarantee your success anymore than the local college professor can guarantee your success.  But, we can from time to time, point you in the right direction.  Obviously, there is an element of personal commitment and discipline.

But first, we recommend you use some wisdom as you proceed. May we also add, as the staff at The Day and Night Post conceptualized its assignment, they spent considerable time in prayer and counsel.  And, but for a very brief initial introduction, we DID NOT fall victim to the prey of misleading hucksters.

Many of our faithful readers know our staff personally. They know we started The Day and Night Post without technical skills, blogging knowledge, or internet marketing degrees; but simply the assignment of the Lord’s appeal.  The Lord sent to us an individual of exceptional talent, knowledge, integrity and faithful commitment to his clientele.  His faithful and honest coaching has assisted with our progressive development. And relative to correspondence, many of our readers have asked if we could introduce our coach.  

Accordingly, with his consent, we would like to introduce you to Mr. Bruce Inouye of Blog Marketing Experts, Inc. Based in Scottsdale, AZ.  Bruce is the owner and President of Blog Marketing Experts; holds regular monthly coaching seminars [20-35 clients] and offers personal coaching on schedule. 

Keep in mind, Bruce is BUSY!  His schedule is constantly full, which is only a further testament to his demand.  Mr. Inouye’s honesty, integrity, professional skill and technical expertise is a rare commodity! 

You can find his blog at BLOG MARKETING EXPERTS. He has clients locally and around the globe. If you contact him and he does not immediately respond [chuckle], please be patient.  He is worth the wait!  He will not compromise his client commitment, which means he is providing the necessary quality time with another client in the same measure that you can expect when he spends his time with you.  Beyond that, Bruce is a committed Christian and also desires a day of rest, as well enjoying the time to take Mom for dinner from time to time!  Now, that’s a plug!  Any man who still invites his mother to dinner every Sunday . . . well, that sort of speaks for itself! There you have it!  We have given you our first recommendation and sanction it by our experience. 

With this blog post, we intend to lead you further into internet marketing opportunities that will bless you and sustain you in this changing world.  Our blog readership is now reaching the numbers of genuine communication and community dialog.  Our desire is to be able to assist the Body of Christ with opportunities for internet abundance.

Send us your inquiries and your questions.  Let us encourage you to good success.

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Go About Doing Good

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The Call To Serve – The world is changing [drastically] and millions of people around the globe are in need of assistance. In your own small community, there may be one or two or more that you can give encouragement to.

When The Day and Night Post was conceived, it was a dream of the staff to report paradigm news: world shaking contrasted with the global rising of the family of God in the earth to unprecedented glory.  Further, we also have a passion to assist family, friends, loved ones, neighbors and those we don’t know, to enjoy life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness . . . and a personal salvation through Jesus Christ.

We encourage all of our faithful readers to live healthy, debt free, stress free, prosperous and spiritually abundant lives. And we intend to journal and to post that encouragement. Over the past few weeks we have initialized Arise ad Shine Assistance with topics that seem most expressed in this rapidly changing world.  We’ve written about debt elimination, credit restoration, budgeting and saving, health . . . and even laughter!  These topics remain a huge concern as both national and international monetary trends are shaping and reshaping the world around us.

The Book of Acts reminds us that, “… God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good…”  Christ as our example, reminds us further to be of assistance to those around us.  Be a voice for encouragement! 

Lend a helping hand; offer your time and/or some resources to sow the seeds of love into your neighbor. Encourage one another to good health, walk with family and friends – exercise; be accountable to someone else for your budget, work [hard] at removing debt from your personal lives. Learn and love to save for the rainy day; and do not touch your savings! Be used as reference for someone to obtain a new job – or create a job.  Join a “Jobs Anonymous” group [we’ve just made that up . . . we hope the “Anonymous” identities do not complain that we’ve added to such].  DO NOT TAKE RISKS with your money today!  Do not fall for “Get Rich Quick” schemes in these times of desperation as they play upon the vulnerablities of personal economic hopes.  Take counsel and DO NOT MAKE IMPULSIVE DECISIONS! Pray about every opportunity; and visit with those around you who are standing on solid biblical ground.

The Day and Night Post staff intends to research and sanction internet opportunities in the future; and we will announce that department at the appropriate time.  We will establish strict criteria for research and make careful reviews. We look forward to providing helpful and honest information for the favour of our readers.  

Ask the Father in Heaven to “anoint you to go about doing good.”  Expect the favour of God to bless you in untold fashion; and watch for the miracles in your life.  Whatever you want to call it: “Reach out and touch someone” – “Pay it Forward” – “Spread the Love Around.”  Hold each other’s hands and hang on! The Joy of the Lord is your strength!  And He has promised His children great favour and abundance in these shaking times.

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Should Christians Accumulate Wealth

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Should Christians Accumulate Assets – Introduction

Over the past four weeks, we have addressed common financial struggles not only in the world, but also in the Christian [church] community about debt, credit, budgets, savings and discipline.  They are easier subjects than practice.  So, over the next few weeks, we will present a mini-series on wealth accumulation.  Consider this post an introduction in theory.

Nevertheless, it is also understood that human behavior moves in the direction of their most dominate thoughts! In other words, thoughts produce actions produce results.  And the biggest problem with financial responsibility today, is that most do not think about it . . . until IT dominates their thoughts after a period of the ignorance resulting in the chastening thereof.

Between the world and the Christian community a lot has been written about accumulating assets [wealth].  And, mixed with modern, banking, traditional, cultural, wealth management, religious and spiritual influence there is a mix of doctrines.

Albeit the planning thereof [with rare exception in society] is usually planned with an avoidance posture.  Young folks [by and large] are usually not too interested in the wealth accumulation, because they seem to interpret the planning against years of available time. Middle age folks seem to avoid the planning because of the budget practices that replace wise counsel or simply the “doctrines of discontent” that are so carefully implemented by design to keep the masses enslaved to “the system.”  In case you have never heard of the “Doctrines of Discontent,” it is a social and cultural financial doctrine that is rooted and nourished from the Madison Ave. profiteers.  The doctrine is simply this: “Madison Ave. [advertisers] spends millions of dollars to get you to feel discontent unless you spend “the little” you have to get what they are advertising!”  And, the older folks bruised by the years of lack and preparedness become miserly and miserable in fear and deprivation . . . not wanting to spend or give in faith.

And, with rare exception, we’ve all been held hostage by those doctrines at one time or another.  If you are a Christian believer governed by the Spirit of Christ, at some point in time you wrestle with the identity of Christ on the Temptation Mount, and the Adversary suggesting, “Bow down and serve me and I will give you all that you see and desire of these worldly possessions,” and therefore consciously or unconsciously avoid crossing the line of idolatry by indoctrinated avoidance of asset accumulation.  

So perhaps, as a Christian in your advancing years, your resolution may intensify recounting your life sprinkled with some vanity; and now you are wondering if God will forgive your procrastination, and have mercy upon you for retirement. It’s a time in life when you begin to desire to trade financial errors of the past for security and honor.  Or, you find yourself scrutinized by institutional financial planning, government mandates, unfortunate relationships or a host of life’s circumstances? 

Statistics suggest that more are unprepared for retirement with a lack of accumulated assets than those that are; so there must be an inherent failure within some doctrine. 

And, in Christian circles there remains strict influence of specific Scriptural texts, i.e., “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal [Matthew 6:20]:” meaning don’t give too much attention to earthly treasures for some; while Proverbs [for living on earth] 10:22 says, “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it” for others.  So, which is it? 

Perhaps you will be surprised to find that there are spiritual laws of prosperity.  In the coming weeks, we will contribute Scriptural precepts for encouragement and purpose. 

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