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The Joy of the Lord is our Strength

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY: The Joy of the Lord is your strength . . .

It is a day to be thankful!  Let us give thanks today for the bountiful harvest of goodness and blessing from God our Father. Let us rejoice, through Jesus Christ, and be joyful!  What a great day to celebrate the culmination of our health series with family and friends.  And to include those who have no one to attend to their blessings. Let us express our joy with laughter.

As we enjoy the memories of this day, remember also the health benefits of humor and laughter.  Humor is contagious as well as infectious.  When laughter is shared, it binds and strengthens and increases both happiness and intimacy.  Laughter also ignites physical health benefits in the body.  Good humor and genuine laughter strengthen your immune system, boosts your energy, reduces pain and protects your body from the damaging effects of stress:  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:”Proverbs 17:22.  This medicine is priceless; it is free, fun and it is dependable.

Laughter relaxes the whole body, triggers the immune system and protects the heart.  This day, Praise the Lord, engage in healthful laughter . . . and pass the mashed potatoes!  Happy – Joyful and Humorous Thanksgiving!

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Walk for Life!

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The Day and Night Post – Walk to Health.  Last week we indicated that we would conclude the current series of Health Preservation with a very simple easy to do exercise that almost anyone can do.  Of course there are those who cannot walk and are confined to further assistance and immobility. 

Nevertheless, if you are not of that classification, please consider this post an encouragement to enjoy the blessing of mobility.  In fact, we’ll encourage you to celebrate God’s gift of physical fitness today – go out and walk!  If you are not in the habit of walking . . . let’s start; Okay?  Try it – you’ll like it!  Walking does not have to be boring or tireless and has tremendous health benefits. So, let’s get past the “I don’t have time” issues.  Even the busiest schedules have time for a 10 minute walk?  That’s right!

If you are challenged by the routines of exercise; and earnestly feel you do not have the time, we pray that this post will encourage you to BEGIN!  Besides the traditional benefits of walking, we’ll focus today on issues that are progressively plaguing the modern lifestyle – diabetes.  Walking has numerous health benefits, not the least of which is to help stop the progression of diabetes and reverse metabolic syndrome.  Once again, we confess that no one on the staff of The Day and Night Post has any medical alliances or is enabled with any professional medical degrees. Albeit, we do our research; because, our personal commitment alone does not justify an opinion without the staff reliance upon expert advice.

So, LET’s WALK!  A study from Duke University Medical Center shows that walking just 30 minutes a day, six days per week, can lower the risk of metabolic syndrome.  And, one of the conditions that is part of the metabolic syndrome is insulin resistance. Remember a couple of weeks ago when we posted the revelation of insulin as it relates to fat storage; how simply cutting back on sugar intake can dramatically reduce body fat and improve health.  Ultimately, metabolic syndrome can lead to type 2 diabetes and serious conditions like heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. 

We are not qualified to give you our opinion on Metabolic Syndrome.  Therefore, for the love of God, do your own research. Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand: walking!  Walk where you choose – but walk!  And, if you don’t have the time to walk – then REDUCE THE TIME! Break it up!

Studies have shown that breaking up your half hour of walking into 10 minute increments gives you the same benefits as walking for a half hour straight.  And as you begin AND continue to walk, you’ll find that it fits well into your schedule.   Before you know it, you’ll be WALK FIT!   

 Praise the Lord!  What do you think?

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Breathe to Live Abundantly

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For the past three weeks on Arise and Shine Assistance Thursday, we have posted a mini-news series on basic health tips recommended by health professionals to improve your health naturally, lose weight and reduce the risks of modern day diseases caused by stress, today’s lifestyle and diet.  And we will conclude next week with a brief post on exercise that most everyone can do. This week we will post on oxygen and breathing exercises. We pray that you will protect and care for the physical body that God has provided you . . . that it will be preserved, as is His will, until the coming of the Lord.

Breathing exercises can help with weight loss, relaxation, and an overall sense of well being. Most people breathe in such a manner as to deny themselves their lung capacity, which over time also denies the precious air we need. Most people inflate just the upper portion of the lungs.  Everyone can participate in simple lung and breathing exercises to increase the oxygen to the body, blood and cellular level for optimum health benefits. Here are the simple and easy steps:

Lay down totally flat on your bed, your couch, your floor; or out of doors in pleasant surroundings. Simply relax for a few seconds before beginning your deep breathing exercises. Now “breathe in” deep through your nose allowing the air intake to fill your belly. In fact, tilt your head just enough to watch your belly rise. Count the number of seconds that it takes to fill your belly. You should “breathe in” to the count of about 4-8 seconds. When you’ve inhaled as much air as you can hold, stop; and hold your breath. The rule of thumb is to hold your breath for about 4 times as long as the count to inhale. Now, following the hold count, exhale all that you can to the count of about half of the hold counts.  Some people use the 1-4-2 ratio rule. That is to hold 4 times longer than you inhale; and exhale in a full 2 times longer than you inhale. This forces carbon dioxide waste out of your body. Repeat these same steps for about four reps. This could be a count ration of 2-8-4; or 4-16-8; or 8-32-16 . . . you get the picture.  

This daily exercise will oxygenate your body. The extra oxygen you gifted your body with is now moving through your bloodstream, slightly increasing your blood flow. The process is strategic in getting rid of excess waste and fat. All that from a few seconds of breathing exercises!

Oxygen is fuel for your body as is the food you eat; except there are no calories in oxygen. And the extra oxygen you take in will cause chemical reactions in your body to take place much faster, therefore, you burn more calories than you take in speeding up your metabolism.

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Cut Out the Sugar

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CDC – Center for Disease Control Data for the U.S. –

Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are obese: 34% (2007-2008)  

  • Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are overweight (and not obese): 34% (2007-2008)
  • Percent of adolescents age 12-19 years who are obese: 18% (2007-2008)
  • Percent of children age 6-11 years who are obese: 20% (2007-2008)
  • Percent of children age 2-5 years who are obese: 10% (2007-2008)

Source: Prevalence of Overweight, Obesity, and Extreme Obesity Among Adults: United States, Trends 1976–1980 through 2007–2008 

Let’s talk plain – no fluff, no marketing talk, no sales text, no threats of do or die! Everybody knows there is a weight problem in America and other developed countries of the world.  Everybody knows your excess weight contributes to health problems like blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc. leading to other physical and health issues. 

Everybody knows that healthcare is a national concern to such extent that one of the greatest controversial pieces of legislation in the nation’s history was Obamacare.  And everybody knows that today’s modern diet has contributed significantly to a decline in health over the past decades.  

This Part 3, in a series of health for the Body of Christ, is vital as healthcare issues do not seem to stop at the door of the church. “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” – 1 Corinthians 6:19. 

Now, to date, the staff of The Day and Night Post does not include one medical professional. Albeit, reasonable due diligence is required. It is fairly easy to interview friends, family and dozens of Christian acquaintances whom enjoy divine health.  True we pray before our food and drink; and know by the promises of God, His angels are discharged to bless and anoint our food and our drink – our bread and our water; to render it harmless, satiate our mouths with good things, nourish our bodies and in so doing, by our thankfulness, remove all sickness and disease out of our midst.  However, lest we forget and violate the promise of God by abusing our bodies, our bodies are His vessel. 

Therefore, we present one of the greatest secrets to weight loss and divine health from a food intake perspective: Cut Out the SUGAR! Sugar is a KILLER.  And, it is found in nearly all processed food common to the western diet today. It is vital that you understand that the foods we normally eat today are packed full of “hidden” sugars.   

The latest breakthroughs in research have actually proven that both gaining fat and losing fat isn’t necessarily determined by how many calories you eat, but the kind of calories that you eat.  If you’ll do your own individual research to include the healthy, fit people you know, you’ll be surprised to find that they watch the intake of both sugar and carbohydrates to maximize fat loss and maintain ideal body weight.  The reason we single out the sugar and carbohydrates, not the calories and fat, all has to do with the science of a naturally occurring hormone we all have…insulin.  Why Insulin

 In his book, The Belly Fat Cure, author Jorge Cruise says, “Now, you may be thinking “I’m not diabetic, my insulin is fine!” or “I’ve always known it is bad to eat sugar, I hardly ever have candy!” This is where breakthrough research about insulin and the huge amounts of hidden sugar in our everyday “healthy” foods comes into clear focus. Research concludes it is absolutely vital you know that insulin is the hormone that controls your body’s ability to push fat into fat cells, especially the dangerous fat tissue that accumulates around the midsection. Without lowering insulin levels, it is impossible to lose weight, regardless of calorie intake or exercise intensity.” 

IF you follow a simple plan of sugar intake modification; and watch the intake of carbohydrates, you will lose weight naturally! That’s right – naturally!  Eat as much as you want whenever you want, without the sugar and  excessive carbohydrates and you’ll find yourself losing uncontrollably! 

It’s your choice – follow simple steps.  In the past couple of health posts we’ve promoted abundant and divine health by offering dynamic suggestions of alkaline water and the reduction of hidden sugar in your diet. But, we implore you to do your own research and praise God for the results.   

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Water is essential for life. No living being on planet Earth can survive without water. It is both a prerequisite for human health well-being as well as for the preservation and the balance of life in nature. Every year millions of children and adults die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene.  A lack of good water supply and inadequate water purification not only affects life itself but the quality of human life.  It has been determined that most human health problems can be traced to water intake. 

In spite of the strides made over the past several decades to focus on water quality, water purification, water supply and the water essentials, chemically treated and sanitation systems contribute harmful components of chlorine and other chemicals that alter water properties adversely affecting health. Water challenges will increase significantly in the coming years. Population growth and living habits will lead to both great consumption and more waste. Population development will trend continually as shifts occur do to both eco and economic influences.

According to a UN World Water Development Report, by 2050, at least 25% of the people are likely to live in countries affected by chronic water related issues.  Not to mention that as shaking continues in the nations, the essentials of water and health will become a strategic priority.

Socialized medicine, inadequate supply of health providers and limited care will result in individual responsibility to be managed beyond health care complacency. Citizens of the world will need to take every measure to insure their own water supply and water quality.  Natural, social and economic disasters can easily threaten health on a mass scale. Provided that water supply is managed individually, it will be essential that water quality is such that it will significantly contribute to health maintenance in an environment to promote health and balance in a world where medical care becomes challenged.

21st Century life is already plagued with conditions of stress, overweight, constipation, diabetes, acid reflux, tiredness, depression – anxiety – irritability, migraines, headaches, joint pain, back ache, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney stones, lack of energy – stamina, dry skin, dandruff – eczema – psoriasis, etc. and chronic conditions that have worsened in spite of government mandates for water quality improvements?  Do you drink soda, tea, coffee, bottled or R/O water? Do you consume meat, dairy products, and processed grams?

It has been discovered and medically proven over the past several years the components of water relative to its alkalinity and acidity; contribute more to health maintenance and preservation than any other issue. Laboratory studies show benefits of ionized alkaline water introduces an abundance of minerals into the body to optimize health.  Alkaline water can neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution, and bottled and tap water properties. A higher PH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids. It is proven that Alkaline water significantly helps in weight loss, anti-aging – reducing cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals.  Alkaline water also helps in the importance of hydration and elimination.  Research shows that 8-10 glasses of alkaline water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.  Drinking 5 glasses of water a day decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%.  It can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79% and reduce the risk of developing bladder cancer by 50%.  Micro-clusters of ionized water help flush acid and toxins from the body. Freed of toxins, the body’s cells, tissues, and organs achieve a healthier state.  Today’s drinking water has been treated with so many chemicals and recycled so many times that it has been rendered a lifeless, tasteless liquid.  Ions created with a water ionizer machine are natural antioxidants.  This water is re-created, re-vitalized and alkalinized with needed minerals, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The Day and Night Post endorses the LIFE Ionizer.  It is the only ionizer endorsed and recommended by the Worldwide Organization, “People Against Cancer.”  It is the 1st and only ionizer to be listed in the World Wide Physicians’ Desk Reference. The 1st SMPS ionizer with UL Certification (U.S. and Canada).

The LIFE Ionizer can be found in the health store widget of The Day and Night Post sidebar. Or, you can research and order your LIFE Ionizer from a dealer direct. If natural and/or economic disaster strikes to threaten water supply and water quality, one of the best investments that the population can make is take the responsibility for perfectly balanced life giving water. 

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