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Celebrate Christmas Medley!

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The War Winds of Change

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June 22, 2011 – Obama announces troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to start with 10,000 troops.  It seems incredulous when one considers a speech at West Point just a little over a year ago to commit 30,000 more troops for a surge!  It leads one to believe the winds of change are once again at the behest of the nation’s military industrial complex. That complex has contributed to uncontrolled spending which affects every man, woman and child in America; and the rest of the world because of the debt influence.  What has war done to the world?

General Douglas McArthur was once quoted, “War has become a Frankenstein to destroy both sides. No longer does it present the chance of the winner of a duel.  It contains, rather, the germs of a double suicide.”

On behalf of the incredible wastefulness that has characterized the way American arms builders and merchants of suicide by weaponry have depleted our nation’s resources, nothing controls people or presents a greater threat than war. 

Americans are so jaded or heedless, that they first need scandal and dollar concerns, in order then to focus their attention on the more important aspects of the contrived manifold trickery: the fleecing of the American people in the name of security, the massive debt budget that enriches the war machine and impoverishes the economics of global societies.

And economies are not getting better, it’s getting worse.  I am all for troop withdrawal.  In fact, I’m for withdrawing all troops immediately to focus on our own nation building as soon as possible.  But to depend upon Washington and global complexes to incentivize national economies at the expense of elite windfall profits is unlikely.  And global security is not improving either.  The threats are a growing alarm. War and might and debt has done nothing to improve personal freedoms and individual prosperity.  Washington and the banksters have eclipsed the strength and the basis of real wealth.   

How can the same [elected] people that cannot be trusted with the wealth of the American people be trusted with their security?  We have turned over our security to people who are looting the American people; and for that matter, looting the world.  There exists in the United States and the world and arrogance of power that conceals the fact that valued traditions are being distorted.

There’s an infiltration of a pervasive sinister element that works its way into the government itself, planting the seeds of corruption that trickles down from the highest levels. And it is always at the expense of the citizenry for the enrichment of the elite. 

Much of the seed is sown into to promise of profit in the market, luring the greater personal investment – the hope of reward, without discernment.  Not only does it go without notice to the unsuspecting public lusting for the game, but is approved as brilliant by the market makers, the Ivy League icons of reward; those measured for their glory and worldly accomplishment, pulling the strings of captivity to those unaware.  Counsel and personal accountability is essential today for personal preservation.    

The play is an infectious disease masqueraded as salvation, opportunity and rich rewards to which all will aspire. It is the incoherency of what we used to laughingly call, “Willingly standing in line for a bloody nose.”  But the genie is out of the bottle!  And there is no [human] way to put it back in the bottle.  It roams the earth with a roaring contempt for the underprivileged looking to devour anything or any cause opposing its vehement display of earthly power. 

It is an undeniable misuse of power that represents a warrant to do whatever the greed and corruption think is advantageous.  The underlying problem today is its escalating mismanagement adept to the pilferage of greater resources.  That’s why it will continue. That’s why it will dominate and crush the economies of the world. That’s why it does, when necessary, feed upon itself to its own handicap.

And for a remedy, the elite proclaim CHANGE!  The citizenry, too ignorant that system is inimical to their interests, willingly comply with their own destruction.  That’s why the cries of fear and smear, hope and change, blame and shame are the rhetoric accusers of the day. 

Get off the couch!  Surround yourselves with those in the private sector who have the knowledge and the ministry to serve and guide.  Take action to build your own war chest.  The seeds of the declarations of war against your financial independence have been sown.  Find sound financial advice. 

In today’s faith-based global economy, hard-earned assets can suddenly disappear of even become liabilities.  We’ve witness this very thing in the past several months. Even if you think you have your finances in order, get a trusted review!  Don’t take institutional advice for granted!

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