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Rejoice Update

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It’s not always easy to casually observe disparity in the world.  Most of what we witness by news and publication is a censored topic and event. To recapture over this past week, global news has focused on the world phenomenal: a Royal wedding, hurricane devastation in the Deep South of the United States; and the traumatic events of the Osama Bin Laden story – intelligence reports, operative news, Special Forces training and capabilities, top clearance daily briefings, code words, mock drills and the fulfillment of months of strategy!  Sounds like a documentary novel and movie.

The institutions and masses of the world are so enthroned by a culture of sensationalism, what they miss by design is the real phenomenal: quiet, meek, virtuous and powerful workings of the Spirit of God; far greater than the ratings of created worldly news.

What the world has seen over the past few days is the news of terror, masterminds, plots and counter-espionage.  In contrast, what God offers is not espionage, plots and counter events. He offers a true character to such degree that it’s often confounded, discounted, even rejected out of hand; for it is found in the presence of a different spirit, a recreated spirit.

Today, I want to provide a news alternative with our Rejoice Update.  Rejoice Ministries is a regularly featured evangelistic outreach ministry on The Day and Night Post.  Reverend Joyce McNaughton is not a member of a “special op” ministry team, or equipped with the latest media technology, or anchored with a reporting staff of news correspondents.  But Reverend McNaughton is anchored with a current calling to minister to the sex slave trade in Malaga, Spain.  Her ministry focuses on bringing the Beauty of Holiness and the Love of God to those held hostage in an environment of selling themselves for survival and addiction.

Joyce lives month to month by support provided by the hand of God. She focuses more on her mission than her means of support, trusting the LORD to provide her daily needs, which she considers secondary to the needs of the women outside of the grace of God.  But, she prevails and rejoices in every life that is transformed by the love of the LORD.

Her ministry promises something every human heart desires, something not found in the avenues of human influence, something that only the Spirit of God can provide; that is God’s grace, forgiveness, fulfillment and wholeness.  If you join her email list, you’ll receive regular snapshot pictures and ministry news.

Her ministry is not nationally or worldly acclaimed, so we feature the ministry on The Day and Night Post to offer our faithful readers an opportunity to rejoice with Reverend McNaughton and to support her ministry if they choose.  If you chose to participate in the calling of God to witness to, and free, the slaves of human trafficking, you can celebrate with God and be assured that your love too is being made visible through the work of Rejoice Ministries.

Reverend McNaughton probably is not going to be featured on the mainstream 5 O’clock News, or the network cable channels anytime soon.  But she is featured on The Day and Night Post, because we have the assurance from the LORD that her ministry will be blessed.

You can review Rejoice Ministries at: 

 Rev. Joyce McNaughton – April 11, 2011 Testmony

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Arise and Shine in the earth is really all about restoration.  I once heard a pastor say that every verse of Scripture in the Bible can be hung from two classifications: redemption of mankind; and restoration of the Kingdom of God.  Although we know there will be countless examples of restoration as the Body of Christ grows brighter and brighter as to the noon day sun, our brief mini-series this week has just scratched the surface of God’s grace for restoration.

We’ve seen the testimony of God restoring the life of two small boys. And we’ve heard the story of joy and happiness; restoring a soul from hell. There is growing news of God restoring a future and a destiny for untold numbers of Muslims through visions and the personal calling of Jesus Christ.

And today we would like to feature “Arise and Shine” in the earth: restoring the dignity and a hope from the trade of human trafficking.  Our personal acquaintance, Rev. Joyce McNaughton, has followed the call of Christ to the streets of Spain.  There she too walks the streets of Malaga, Spain and neighboring communities.  But, her walk is in the light of love.  She carries with her the message of the Gospel to the captives of iniquity and ill repute.  The Day and Night Post supports Rev. McNaughton in her solo ministry; and we encourage our faithful readers to support her as well.

Maybe you have not been personally called to travel physically to Spain or other parts of the world, live in the trenches and the communities where Christ would personally walk to set the captives free.  But you can support Rejoice Ministries from wherever you are.  Now, Rev. McNaughton would not be so intent to focus upon her ministry as she would be to have us focus on the ladies whose lives now reflect the majesty of God through Christ.  So today’s post is going to feature the story of how God restores the heart and restores the path of once lost lives.

As a recent video of Rev. McNaughton’s Ministry is in the works, we are going to present a like example of ministry on the streets of America, where former prostitute Anne Lobert, is now taking the grace of God to ladies of the evening in Las Vegas, NV.

As you watch the following video, think of the joy, the fulfillment and the transformation that former sex slaves held captive in Malaga, Spain are giving testimony about the love and the forgiveness of Christ through the faithful work of Rev. Joyce McNaughton.

Annie Lobert – A Testimony Of The Grace of God!

Do you remember the seven-fold character of God: love, power, wisdom, righteousness, mercy, justice and judgment.  The love of God knows no discrimination.  It matters not whether the object of grace is a small boy, a tormented teenager, a false religion or a sex slave held in captivity.  The love of God can deliver and restore to the full joy of salvation and living a life that is rich – the sweet fragrance of Christ. You can find Rev. Joyce McNaughton’s website Rejoice Ministries to familiarize yourself with the “Beauty of Holiness.”

This morning in an early email to The Post, I received a daily prophetic word.  It went like this, “You have had many opportunities through adversity to fall down and stay down.  I call to you to gather your strength and get up.  You are not without help; I am with you to lift you up again if you will refuse to give up.  Exercise your faith and seek My help, says the Lord, for surely I will hear your cries and come to your aid.  Trust me to lift you up again.  Micah 7:8, “Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; when I fall, I will arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me.”

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Rejoice Update – January 2011.

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Rejoice Update – January 2011.

We’ve had the privilege the past few weeks to enjoy the company and retreat of Rev. Joyce McNaughton with Rejoice Ministries to join us in Arizona.  She returned as she does every year at this time to visit with ministry partners and bring to us the good news of God’s hand in The Beauty of Holiness through the ministry in Spain.  Rejoice Ministries is a real Arise and Shine opportunity as we witness the sparkles of once lost women and some men, accept and embrace the anointing and the glory of God.  We can see them sparkling from here.

For those of us who have not been called into full time missionary evangelism it is inspiring to listen and to enjoy the fellowship of her faith as it agrees with ours.  Or, maybe I should say it is a blessing to join our faith with hers as she [we] agrees with God’s leading in the mission field in and around Malaga, Spain.

We are blessed to listen to her testimony of going along the routes of her daily ministry and into the city where she brings The Beauty of Holiness to share the love of Christ with the ladies of the evening on the streets of Spain.  For the most part, Rev. Joyce goes alone; walking to most areas, often miles and miles on foot in the heat of the day along the coast of Spain while visiting with those who will listen and respond to the love of Christ.

From time to time she has been interviewed by local TV stations and featured in the local newspaper.  But for the most part, her ministry is by word of mouth – one woman at a time; and sometimes a few men will also listen to the good news.  She ministers to the element of society that is held in the grips of sexual slavery.  Her passion is to give to them freedom in Christ!

This year we received firsthand the reports of God’s goodness there and the impact of faith and patience.  The challenges are living arrangements to provide Rev. McNaughton with a home; and the tools of ministry: printed materials, brochures, handouts, Bibles, invitations, transportation, etc.

As Rejoice Ministries is a featured ministry of The Day and Night Post, we also invite you to view the ministry website   There you will find the links to the ministry, Costa Del Sol Bible School, pictures, news announcements, etc., and an opportunity to Partner with Rejoice Ministries in an effort to reach the lost on the streets of Spain.

This coming year we are believing God for transportation, living support and a Church [Ministry] Van.  Rev. Joyce desires to be able to customize a van into a chapel on wheels.  That will enable her to offer covered and safe protection for the girls from the street exposure. We know that God rewards those that partner with His work.  If you can’t travel to Spain, we invite you to travel there in spirit and in truth.

Rev. McNaughton will be returning to Spain on March 4, 2011 from Chicago.  Feel free to participate in the celebration of God’s love for the ladies of the evening; and Rev. Joyce’s tireless love for them as well.

This year, Joyce has announced plans for a new website BLOG to be launched that she will be able to minister to her US partners and the field ministry in an energetic and interactive way.  You will be blessed to stay in touch.  Thank you in the name of Jesus!

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Rejoice Update 2

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The Beauty of Holiness – Corresponding with shaking of the nations of the earth in glorious fashion, we’d like to contrast the numbness of world doldrums with the quiet glory of God’s grace and holiness.

While the world portrays the undercurrents of deception and darkness, God works openly in the light! Often times a lone missionary will follow the voice of God to bring hope and blessing to one individual at a time.  The co-laborer with Christis not featured on the World Evening News; nor is the world concerned about the tireless efforts of one solitary missionary evangelists’ journey to the obedience of Christ.  But, The Day and Night Post rejoices to publicize the life and times of just such obedience.  And such is the post story today, as we bring to you a “Rejoice Update!”

As Dr. Larry Bates says in his book: The New Economic Disorder, “… Christ did not spend time trying to control people’s lives by moving them out of the slums and ghettos. He simply walked those squalid streets from one end to another, trying to get the slums out of the people.  He planted in them the seeds of character and integrity, not the ugly desires to claim what belongs to others.” 

Such is the life of Rev. Joyce McNaughton, as she walks the streets of Spain to plant the seeds of integrity in the “ladies of the evening.”  The emphasis of her ministry is the “Beauty of Holiness.”  Picture this – Rev. Joyce walks and walks and walks and brings the love of Christ to all who will listen and receive the Beauty of Holiness.  She could use a church van! But, to date there is no van! Albeit, the Lord has promised her a van! And we rejoice that a church van is forthcoming! While world banking executives cry about their $Million dollar year end bonuses, Rev. McNaughton’s simple desire is a modest church van to give into to the lives of others. The Lord has also given Rev. McNaughton the vision of raising up a “Costa del Sol Bible Institute.”  Rev. McNaughton communicates with The Day and Night Post with updates of the lives of those whom Christ has sent her to love. And The Day and Night Post communicates to you with what we have come to term, “Rejoice Updates.”

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar ministries around the globe.  But the Lord has brought Rejoice Ministries to The Day and Night Post for His glory; and to support the “Beauty of Holiness.” Our word at The Day and Night Post is to bring attention to Rejoice Ministries through readership.  There will be the day when ALL of Rev. McNaughton’s ministry needs are met with overflowing abundance.  Until that day, the staff of The Day and Night Post will continue to pray for Rejoice Ministries and bring to you Rejoice Updates.  Readership may contact the ministry at –  The ministry is also listed on the The Day and Night Post right sidebar.  You may support Rejoice Ministries as well.  And, we encourage any support be communicated directly to the Rejoice Ministry website.

We thank you in advance for your work in the Kingdom through Rejoice Ministries. As the Lord blesses your work and your support, you will read about it here.

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Beauty of Holiness

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Rev. Joyce McNaughton is blessed. And she blesses others with the gifts, the passion and the talents that our Heavenly Father has anointed her with.  Although she has been called to minister in various settings, like Mexico, China, Russian, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, India and Africa, she is now seasonally planted in Spain.

The Lord’s work for her involves the specific opportunities for the will of God: Healing School – teaching and preaching Bible truths about physical health and healing;  The Beauty of Holiness – Sharing the love of Jesus with the girls of the night; and, Costa del Sol Bible Institute – Instruction and training in the Bible and Christian living.

Rev. Joyce McNaughton is blessed by the word of God; and she blesses in the areas of her callings. She is not stirred nor shaken by life’s challenges or life’s unexpected happenstances: her house is built upon a solid foundation of obedience.  She hears the words of Jesus and does them, and she is not moved.

To learn more about Rev. Joyce McNaughton’s ministry and the blessings that follow her, you may find a link to Rejoice Ministries in the right side bar of this Blog. We thank God for the work that is done by her hands, and rejoice with her to God’s love and good will in Spain.

What a blessing Rev. Joyce is to the God, the Family of God; and to those who do not yet know Him, but shall through the blessed work of the Word of God through Rev. McNaughton. Participate with Rev. McNaughton in her work of the Lord, visit her ministry website at the link provided.

Thank you Rev. Joyce McNaugton

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