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The Day and Night Post staff hasn’t contributed much on a daily basis lately, limiting our journalism recently to a weekly commentary with Dr. Don G. Pickney, while we focus of future post changes.

But we couldn’t help but break the silence in light of a growing darkness of shameless political scandals.  Which, incidentally, the president calls “fake scandals;”  another indicator of the growing darkness!

In the latest twist to the city’s scandal-hit campaign season, Kristin Davis, 38, allegedly sold prescription pills to a federal informant four times in four months this year, the FBI said.

Davis is running for the post of comptroller — in effect the city’s chief financial officer — also being sought by former Democratic New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Spitzer is attempting a political comeback after resigning as governor in 2008 amid a prostitution scandal. Davis has said Spitzer was one of her customers and that she provided him with prostitutes.”

And all the while the shameless and brazen Anthony Weiner purposes to belittle moral character, Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s cyber mistress, writes a manual on how to seduce a politician!

While the icons of public shamelessness are without repentance,  the greater hidden shame is the American voter, of ill repute, following the addiction: greed, the lifestyles of the rich and shameless, the protests for self-indulgence, the obsession of notoriety and caught in the intrigue of the rich and unrighteous!

And what do these shameless, when elected, do across America? Raise taxes on the righteous . . .

But hypocrisy has no bounds!  I guess we could say today’s shameless voters are punished for the behavior of the shameless elected . . . in a welcoming fashion!

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A Lesson In 2 Timothy

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2 Timothy 3, Be sure of this. In the last days hard times will come. People will love themselves. They will love money. They will talk about themselves and be proud. They will say wrong things about people. They will not obey their parents. They will not be thankful. They will not keep anything holy. They will have no love. They will not agree with anybody. They will tell lies about people. They will have no self-control. They will beat people. They will not love anything that is good. They cannot be trusted. They will act quickly, without thinking. They are proud of themselves. They love to have fun more than they love God. They act as if they worshipped God, yet they do not let God’s power work in their lives. Keep away from people like that. They are the kind who go quietly into people’s houses. There they get foolish women to believe them. These women know that they have done many wrong things. And they want to do many kinds of wrong things. They are always trying to learn, but never able to find out what is really true. Jannes and Jambres were two men who were very much against Moses. In the same way, these men I am talking about are against what is true. They are men who have wrong thoughts in their minds. They do not believe. But these men will not get very far. Everyone will see that they are wrong, just as people saw that Jannes and Jambres were wrong. 10 Timothy, you know my teaching and the way I lived. You know what I want to do and what I believe. You know my patience, my love, and my strength to bear trouble. 11 You know about my troubles. You know what happened to me in Antioch, in Iconium, and in Lystra. You know how badly the people treated me. But the Lord brought me safely through it all. 12 Yes, all who want to live a good life in Christ Jesus will be troubled by other people. 13 Bad men and those who fool other people will grow worse and worse. They will fool other people, and other people will fool them. 14 But you, Timothy, must keep on doing the things you have learned. You know they are right. You know who taught them to you. 15 From the time you were a child you knew the holy writings. They showed you how to be saved by believing in Christ Jesus. 16 All that is written in the holy writings comes from the Spirit of God. The holy writings are good for these things: to teach people, to show them when they are wrong, to make them see what is right, to teach them to do what is right. 17 In this way a person who belongs to God has all he needs. He is ready for every kind of good work.”

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

In today’s video, former congressman Ron Paul is practically dismissed by the main stream media Fox Business Network correspondent Melissa Francis.

This Gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached worldwide.  There is widespread and rampant deceit, deception, and ‘political-correctness’.  The shaking of good and evil and evil and good is increasing in the earth.  And the day of the LORD of hosts is drawing closer, when the glory of the LORD shall be seen upon the family of God – the Body of Christ: the world grows darker and darker; and the chosen of God grows brighter and brighter.

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Something Is Rotten In Denmark . . .

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The original quote, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” is usually shortened to “something is rotten is Denmark” as a cliché; a short trite and often overused expression.

But the quote originated in Hamlet, Act 1, scene 4, 87-91:

He waxes desperate with imagination.

Let’s follow. ‘Tis not fit thus to obey him.

Have after. To what issue will this come?

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Heaven will direct it.

Nay, let’s follow him. [Exeunt.]

There’s a reason Marcellus says “state of Denmark” rather than just Denmark: the fish is rotting from the head down—all is not well at the top of the political hierarchy.  And as the world turns, the same can be said more frequently of the “state of … (fill in the blanks).”  This week it raised its ugly head again if you’re paying attention; although most are not.  Accordingly, the state [or government] waxes “desperate with imagination” for the purpose of serving their own special interests: revenues, revenues, revenues, revenues . . . and did we forget to say, “Revenues?”

So desperate, in fact, that collection arm for desperation – the Internal Revenue Service – could now be the next scandal in the long list of desperation events. Desperation upon desperation, crisis upon crisis, leads to the trend frequency.  The only question to be asked is, will there – eventually – be a new American Revolution?  The news is watching.

What’s rotten in Denmark, may also be rotten in the United States?   The fish is rotting from the head down!

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Disarming Americans

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It is not the intent of The Day and Night Post to advance conspiracy theories; or promote politically correct ideology, but to highlight God’s News of Global Change in light of prophecy and fulfillment.

Yet we ask, is America participating in a One World Government world view? Does the government create crisis and then offer covert solutions?  Is the so-called American Christian nation trapped in an anti-Christian agenda?  Is President Obama correct when he stated  America is no longer a Christian nation?  And what, if any, are the tell-tale signs?

In his book, The New Economic Disorder, Dr. Larry Bates writes,

“Part of the American arrogance is the belief that it couldn’t happen here – to us.  It’s happening, and it’s happening faster than most people realize. We’re having many more illegal  seizures and forfeitures of property by out-of-control government agencies against innocent citizens that the KGB  operations of the past several decades would pale in comparison.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency  (FEMA) has been given the power to  control the economic and social behavior of everyone during a declared emergency.  It makes no difference that the crisis was precipitated by the government itself;  this self-styled  authority has come about by the issuance of unconstitutional executive orders by various presidents over the years.  Lest you have any doubts, the following executive orders have been issued within the last fifty years:

  • Executive Order 10995 – Take over all communication media.
  • Executive Order 10997 – Take over all electric power, petroleum, gas, fuels and minerals
  • Executive Order 10998 – Take over all food resources and farms.
  • Executive Order 10999 – Take over all methods of transportation, highways and seaports
  • Executive Order 11000 – Mobilization of civilians and work forces  under government supervision
  • Executive Order 11001 – Take over all health , welfare, and educational functions
  • Executive Order 11002 – The postmaster general  will operate a nationwide registration of all persons
  • Executive Order 11003 – Take over all airports and aircraft
  • Executive Order 11004 – Take over housing and finance authorities to relocate communities, to build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned as unsafe, establish new locations for populations.
  • Executive Order 11005 – Take over all railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities
  • Executive Order 11051 – Designate responsibilities of Office of Emergency Preparedness; give authorization to put all other executive orders in effect in times of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis

When you examine the caption of Executive Order 11051, the authorization is given to implement “all other Executive Orders . . . in times of . . . economic or financial crisis.”  During a period of economic collapse the new political order will be implemented instantly by the above Executive Orders, plus many others already in place.

The greatest  obstacle to this unconstitutional , self-styled, Satan-inspired, totalitarian government of the new world order will be true, Bible-believing Christians who will be branded as cultists, fanatics,  or dangerous fundamentalists. In the April 21, 1994, edition of USA Today, an article titled, “Experts Weigh How To Deal With Cults In The Future,” pointed out that, “There is a rise in ‘fanaticism’ all around the world.  Today, the groups (cults) tend to believe the Bible predicts the end of the world is near.”  Quoting author Paul Boyer, the article revealed, “In the past couple of decades, we’re had a sharp upsurge of interest in Bible prophecy.”

Like the Nazis in Germany and Communism in Russia, the establishment liberals and conservatives in the United States share a common  premise — the rejection of the supreme authority of the Almighty God of the Bible.  Writing in the Colorado Christian News, editor Joan Bruso aptly states, “This new definition for ‘religious fanatics’ includes every evangelical, Pentecostal and Bible-believing Christian.  It’s time for America to wake up.”

The next chapter in Dr. Bates book details the “Age of Disinformation” as one of their greatest weapons in capturing the hearts and minds of the people they wish to control: “We are living in the age of the big lie.  Politicians, government bureaucrats, central bankers, Wall Street, educational leaders, academicians, and even the media lie on a continual  and systematic basis,”

The great gun disarmament continues as the pros and cons dominate national news as far-reaching as historical precedence.

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It’s A Ground Swell Of Distrust

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Today’s polling includes everything from obesity trends to political views on a global scale as well as individual nations, regions and localities which could be further broken down to ethnicities and shopping habits . . . or “LIKES.”  So, it’s no misnomer to accurately assess public outcry.  And, the scales of distrust of government are tipping darker and darker and darker.

But then, isn’t that precisely what the Prophet Isaiah proclaimed would occur as the end of the age drew near: “For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people . . .” – Isaiah 60:2.  But then, the verse summons the prophetic picture of simultaneous events in a culminating fashion. Darkness [Greek – Hebrew terms: misery, destruction, sorrow, panic, fear, destruction, distress, wickedness … even death] will cover the earth while the glory of God – and the anointing of God – will arise [Hebrew: “arise” means to “appear suddenly as a symptom *”] upon His family.

In today’s world, we are witnessing unprecedented instability.

“. . . we’ve watched instability grow; and we’ve watched it come to a point when then we start hearing the words from everybody, “unprecedented;” this is an “unprecedented” shaking!  Nations have shaken before; but not “every” nation in the world shaking all at the same time before!   What scares world leaders so much now is that one nation can’t lean on another nation at this time; because that nation is just as unstable as the other nation?  So, that’s the unprecedented part of this!  When Japan was having serious economic problems in the 80’s, they could look to some of the European countries’ and to some degree look to the U.S.; and so the nations all sort of worked together to help Japan get back on its economic feet.  But when a nation falls now there is no place to go because they are all shaking at the same time *.”  * Dr. Don Pickney – Sermon Notes

Not counting the distrust in other nations, in the United States alone, 75% of the American public does not trust the government.  The epidemic is reaching all time lows.

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