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The Navy and Marine Operational Support Center...

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Qualified Candidates are needed; like this recent ad in the Home Job Stop.  In shaking times there are many qualified candidates sought and essential to keep the ball rolling. 

The Day and Night Post jobbing staff is dedicated to highlighting opportunities for real employment and pointing the reader in the right direction. Like this posting listed, there are good opportunities to work from home. This particular opportunity listed below has just been posted 02/21/2011 in the Home Job Stop under the Business, Engineering and Programming section.   The location for this position is Port Hueneme, CA.  Tell me someone in California is looking for a viable opportunity.  You’ll also find job listings all across the USA and Canada. 

Now if you’re not an engineer or programmer with the following requirements, there are numerous other positions posted on a regular basis at the Home Job Stop.  Less than $30 will enroll you as a lifetime Home Job Stop member.  That’s less than a tank of gasoline to drive around and find nothing. 

You can find the Home Job Stop on the Right Side Bar of The Day and Night Post. 

We hope our staffing efforts will help. 

Category: Business; Engineering or Programming
Job Title: Program Manager
Date Added: 2011/02/21
Job Description: Telecommuting position providing support to Navy Air Force Systems/Combat Systems (NAFS/CS). The candidate will provide management, programmatic and technical expertise in support of preparation and review of capture plans and proposals for Missile Defense Agency Engineering Support Services (MiDAESS) Task Orders and other pursuits.
Requirements: = Bachelors Degree in a related business or technical discipline, or the equivalent combination of education, technical training, or work/military experience.
= Professional certification (PMP) preferred.
= 8-10 years of related experience, including supervisory experience
Location: Port Hueneme, CA
Contact: See details and apply online:



Be Wealthy Staff,
The Day and Night Post
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Want To Work From Home? Include Faith!

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Working from Home

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So you want to work from home?  Home based business and home based work has always offered an attractive alternative to the 9 to 5 job in the work-a-day world.  The thought of being able to stay at home [at will] and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor at the same, if not higher levels, has attracted the masses, if by no other merits, convenience; and, more so today in a shaking economy.  Home based business and home based work is the fastest growing segment of the current economy.    

We’ve all heard the claims of making money in your pajamas; or taking the 7 minute commute to work; or the FREEDOM of being your own boss.  Along the way are the stories of saving on childcare expenses, reducing wear and tear on the automobile [not to mention the gasoline savings], reducing or eliminating lunch expenses; not to mention the savings on dress code wardrobe!  Sounds Great!  In fact statistics identify that home based business and home based work earns from 30% more to double the earnings, or more, than “on the job” down the road.   

But, when it comes to finding something suitable, compatible with your skills, training and aptitude, with the potential to replace your current income or the hope of adding to it becomes increasingly difficult.   

Over the more recent years there are both home based business and home based work opportunities as employers look for ways to reduce employee costs on the job; and cut related overhead . . . especially in challenging economic times.   

As with any shift in trends, the landscape is also peppered with profiteers and hucksters peddling fool’s gold and false claims. Such is the scenario in the information and the internet age!  The sincere resume is often desperate [and susceptible] to blind promises . . . we’ll take VISA, MasterCard, etc., etc.?  Ah, how much of a credit line do you have?  I’ve known untold numbers of individuals who have spent $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more for biz ops, with the promise of “coaching” that will guarantee the formula for success.  The only thing guaranteed is their weekly commission check that equates to the money taken from you! Sound familiar?  HELP!   

A few weeks ago the staff at The Day and Night Post promised to due diligence on work at home and home based business opportunities and report findings from time to time when the findings merit credibility and real opportunity.  Obviously we do not plan to engage staff time and resources to the actually testing and engagement in all findings.  But, we do plan to critique the opportunities as thoroughly as possible.  Since our staff includes combined 35 years of business development, banking, financial analysis, credit appraisal, debt and business consulting, we feel moderately qualified to render reasonable opinions.  And therefore, we will present and endorse opportunities from time to time with the disclaimer that we make no recommendations of income.  You know the words, the results realized by anyone is not the representation of results for everyone.  Make sure you do your own due diligence.   

Having stated that; we would like to introduce you to a “Job Bank” service very familiar to the staff.  In fact this “Job Bank” service has been a referral source to more acquaintances, by our staff, than any other job bank web site. And now, we’d like you to know about it.   

We would like to introduce you to the “HOME JOB STOP.”   The Home Job Stop is a LIFETIME Membership that is so ridiculously reasonable that one can hardly afford not to participate. The Home Job Stop is a web based work at home and home based business job listing service that is owned by a career and counseling professional dedicated to also do research and due diligence prior to allowing a listing to be approved for posting.     

Business and work at home opportunities are categorized: Business, Clerical, Customer Service, Engineering / Programming, Finance, Creative Art and Design, Human Resources, Miscellaneous, Sales / Marketing, Medical Transcription, Web Development and Writers.  Work at home listings are available to you in each of these categories.   

The listings are by order of most recent postings, location, and description; and are updated on a regular basis.  We find the Home Job Stop really reliable.  And the best part is the LIFETIME Membership is so affordable that it’s worth its weight in gold!    

The HOME JOB STOP Lifetime Membership is just $18.00! That’s Right . . . you read that correctly. A Lifetime Membership is just $18.00!  Or, $24.00 will get you the Lifetime Membership with email updates of new listings. You can join Home Job Stop here on the “right side bar” under: Be Wealthy / Jobs At Home. You can also find a related article following, “Convincing The Boss to Let You Work at Home.”  So, join the work at home revolution!  Add extra income to your budget, save your earnings, pay off debts and build your assets.    

From time to time we will post about opportunities included inside the job listings, just in case you forget to visit your membership on a regular basis.  The Staff of The Day and Night Post encourages your success!  There are great opportunities that are arising out of the ashes.  You need to do a little homework, you need to do a little due diligence, you need to do a little planning . . . and you need to exercise a little faith.  Have faith in God!   

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