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Hello Friends and Readers!  Is today’s economic shaking wearing your out?  Are you feeling “Deleted?” If so, we have some great news today.  We’ve put our staff to work reviewing the fastest growing economic segment of the national and global economy.

We have never done this before, but our staff has received a number of contact comments and requests to review and provide our opinion of select home-based business opportunities for Christians.  

Like many, we see an rapidly emerging trend in America [ and spreading rapidly in other nations ] beyond the public perception.  It’s reported often in the gatherings of supporting participants and the growing faithful.  It’s dedication has erupted as the last bastion of economic independence.  It’s followers are comparable to a Communion of the Saints; by all intents and purposes it iis the Communion of Entrepreneurialism! There is a home-based business boom unprecedented in US [ and world ] history with no signs of letting up. 

For centuries, the family of God has agreed: “Forsake not the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another …” Wise counsel for like minded folks in the Body of Christ and sound advice for encouraging one another in life and work.  Seek and Ye Shall Find Following! 

The workplace has incorporated that proverb throughout history for business success.  And today, the same wisdom has become personalized through communication, social media and networking success for the Christian community in the home-based business arena. Is it worthy of your consideration?

It’s been a while since we’ve reported on work-at-home opportunities.  And since the home-based-business industry is enjoying such radical success, we thought we’d review some great opportunities.   

We know the economy is shaking, the job market is lacking and the government offers little encouragement.  So we’ve dedicated ourselves too review good opportunities that represent honesty & integrity in unique business concepts not diluted or worn [so to speak] in the marketplace. 

If you have followed the home-based-business crowd for any length of time you’ve also probably noticed the many ‘me too’ opportunities seeming to gather enough steam until the next ‘LIKE’ opportunity is promoted.  Therefore, the assembling together, or maybe we should say, “staying together” is often the greatest threat to success.

Accordingly, several weeks ago our staff set out to find opportunities which are unique [without competition], exhibiting honesty & integrity.  Our criteria required reporting on opportunities with organizational, corporate and financial stability and long history of credibility.  The criteria required companies with products and/or services leading the needs and trends of today with uniqueness which cannot be duplicated or diluted in the marketplace.  I have to say, it wasn’t necessarily an easy task.  But, we’ve actually narrowed our due diligence to a few which meet our criteria and we feel extremely comfortable your review will also benefit.  

Although our reviews narrowed the results, a general consensus selected our favorite reveiw based on the criteria established.  The company we selected has been well established for 85 years! They have enjoyed over $60 Billion in sales.  And they uniquely define honesty and integrity through management, manufacturing, distribution, product warranties, service, customer satisfaction and a world-class reputation for offering one of the best home-based business opportunities in today’s market. 

They have spent the past 18 years, in conjuntion with NASA, in new product innovation and design to lead what has become the fastest growing movement in the 21st Century: The Home Healthy Trend.  Their average home-based business representative enjoys $7,000 – $8,000 a month in income, with many of their representatives earning 6 and 7 figures annually!  Who is this company?  You will really be surprised to know they now lead the marketplace in green technology, eco-friendly, high tech, home healthy trend. 

YES, they are a Christian Values company and the “assembling together” support is phenomenal with daily calls, leadership training, webinars and what they call GAMA: Give and Assignment – Make an Appointment.  What that means is your assigned leader will give you an “easy” assignment . . . and then make an appointment with you to review your step-by-step progress and success level.  Together [with your coach] you will move to the next level UNTIL you are enjoying the rich rewards of honesty & integrity, home-based earnings and awards.

So, who are they?  We’ve included a “Click And Receive” or “Seek And Ye Shall Find” Optin Link below to find out!  In our earnest to serve you with God’s News of Global Change, our staff wants to be able to communicate with you – assemble together – and encourage your home-based business success.  And of course we want to hear from you as well.  This may be the answer to your prayers! The Day and Night Post gives this company our Honesty & Integrity Seal of Approval.

Seek And Ye Shall Find

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