Congressman Submits to Lie Detector Test


This week we’ve posted some updates of the same BullXXXX coming out of Washington and global politics.  And we didn’t have the time to comment about the Anthony Wiener scandal, the added vacation, dubbed Presidential good will trip, to Puerto Rico by the President accompanied by another bailout equivalent for support staff: secret service, 30-50 automobiles, five added Marine One decoy helicopters and countless news reporters, White House chefs, doctors and entourage.

And we didn’t begin to get to the media censorship of vital issues, rather the daily coverage of the Caylee Anthony drama trial, or the cultural misguidance of sex education.  Nevertheless, we figured that you’ve probably picked that up from 101 different other news sources for entertainment.  No, our constant quest for an honest politician has completely consumed our schedules.  But, GOOD NEWS!  I think we’ve actually found one.  That’s right!  Well, let’s just say, maybe he’s not completely honest. But, at least he’s willing to “comply” with our pressures for reform.  And that, we believe, is a very good start in Washington.  Now, if you’ll just pass the word around and get your elected officials to comply . . . well, we think it may become a real movement!  Let’s take a look!

Lie Detector Politician

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