Darkness and Light in The News


What news would really get national and international attention?  Is it the growing contrast of darkness and light in the world?  Because, both darkness and light are in the news . . . as well as a prophetic announcement of an event called the day of the Lord of hosts: transliterated, it is the day of Jehovah Tsaba.  What is it?

We could say traditionally earth’s news is clouded or shrouded in the dramatic events of darkness: a fallen earth and sinful mankind such that most folks just become accustomed to it.  It seems normal to expect and receive bad news.  There’s a principle: dysfunction over a long period of time becomes normal . . . the accepted normal.  Therefore nobody really gets to overwhelmed by the news of growing darkness . . . unless the darkness is reported in dramatic crisis; or its classified for political purposes.

Riots, bombings, senseless violence, dramatic terrors, economic or financial failures that could have the real threat of local personal retribution is classified by the news makers.  And of course the awareness is intended to garner support of increasing government intervention, regulation and protection. But government intervention, regulation and protection – even on a global scale – has increased dramatically for the past decade; and the news, the events of horror, the darkness is growing worse . . . admittedly by the government and the news.

Remember the song made famous by Ann Murray – A Little Good News: today’s video? Isn’t it astounding that good news – even song lyrics of good news – enjoys a top hit on the charts.  Everybody it seems is looking for a little good news: growing light in a dark world.  Biblical scholars say, “You haven’t seen [or heard] anything yet,’ a manifestation is underway.”

If the Scripture is accurate, if God’s word is true, if prophetic events are promised, if Jesus words in Matthew 5:18, “For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished,” can be depended upon, then a day of the Lord of hosts; a day of Jehovah Tsaba is yet to come. According to biblical scholars and God’s word of the event – the set time – proclaimed in Scripture, has not yet occurred in human history.

Darkness and light consecutively, working together, growing simultaneously are cited in the prophetic announcement for the end of the age: darkness covering the earth while at the same time such great light of God’s anointing, blessing and favor on His family in the earth will be unlike any good news ever witnessed by mankind; a day of the Lord of hosts – the day of Jehovah Tsaba.

The Scripture proclaims the day as a time when angels of God are sent to shake all nations; to plunder the nations.  And the glory of the world, the wealth of the world stored up by the wicked will be transferred to God’s family.  Why?

The Scripture says the event will be patterned after the transfer of wealth from ancient Egypt to the Israelites; except the latter event will be greater than that former event.  Jehovah boasts in Deuteronomy Chapter 4 about the first event, the first phenomenon, the glory of Israel coming out of Egypt as, the greatest event to occur since He created man upon the earth.  The prophet Haggai records the second event will be greater than the former.  That’s really good news for the family of God; not so good for the world.

The Apostle Paul proclaims in the Book of Hebrews the event is yet to come in the church age.  So, what is happening in the world today?  You know that darkness and light are dramatically in the news today on a global scale!  When the events of such great news as this great light, this wealth transfer, this great anointing upon the latter house preceding the end of the age for the end-time harvest begins to occur . . . we intend to bring that good news, both the darkness and the light, to you in glorious news fashion.

Until then, we celebrate the song with Ann Murray: A Little Good News Today!  But, our staff is waiting!  Our biblical advisors, our research staff, our biblical news investigations concur: we believe “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

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