Default To Righteousness, Pt. 3

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

The Day of Jehova Tsaba – Default To Righteousness – Ready For The Race Of All Races?  What is it? And, is it really true?

It is not what the world is reporting. You certainly don’t hear about it in the main stream media.  God’s news of global change is not at all the global headlines of the day intended to get your attention. The powers on earth and the news makers seem to have established their credibility in world events, in pride and arrogance, perhaps without the knowledge of God’s design.

And while the church at large widely embraces prophetic proclamations, is the church today so influenced by the culture and mentorship of the world, they know only the height, the length and the breath of God’s word, but not the depths of God’s revelation for prophetic fulfilment?  It’s happened before:

1) In ancient Egypt, while the Children of Israel had the knowledge and the promise of a Deliverer, they didn’t recognize Moses: opposed him, wanting to stone him; and even after the exile from Egypt accused him of leading them into the wilderness to die, and wanting to return to that culture which had influenced them, mentored them and indoctrinated them rather than understand the depths of the great glory and unimaginable great thing God had done for them.

2) At the time of Christ, while they looked forward to the promise of Messiah, they had no understanding of the fulness of time: who He was.  They opposed Him, rejected Him, despised Him and crucified Him. Even the twelve disciples quarreled among themselves. Judas had no idea who Jesus was, what He was here for or the knowledge of His ministry. He had only the height the length and the breath of knowledge.  He had not the depth of wisdom or knowledge given by God.  Peter said, “You are the Christ;”  and Jesus said, “Flesh and bone has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”   For the most part, they missed the glory, the magnitude and the knowledge of great revelation of Christ with them.

So, would the church today recognize the fulness of time or reject today’s global events out of hand as the fulfillment, the glory and the magnitude of events unfolding?  Or would they pander to the lower reporting, distractions and mentorship of the world’s culture and media influence?

Following the LORD’s assignment to seek the depths – the profundity – of what the Scripture calls The Day of the LORD of hosts – the Day of Jehovah Tsaba – Dr. Don Pickney suggests the events occurring today are much greater, much more glorious, more magnificent than the church has understood.

Join us today as Dr. Pickney digs deep into the word of God to unfold the knowledge of Him for proclaiming God’s plan for the greatest event to occur since God created Adam on the earth.  The plan, the glory and the anointing for events the world has never seen: while the world is steeped in turmoil and chaos, the church is distracted; and God is orchestrating the manifestation of defaulting to righteousness in the Body of Christ.

You do not want to miss the continuation of this series, The Day of Jehovah Tsaba – Default To Righteousness – Ready For The Race Of All Races.

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