Default To Supernatural Abundance, Pt 4 . . .

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

. . . the Tithe Understood!   In this recent series, Default To Supernatural Abundance, Dr. Pickney has carefully dissected the word of God to clarify the principles of tithe and sort through the confusion of the matter plaguing the church and the Body of Christ for years – even centuries!

Starting today’s lesson, Dr. Pickney makes the statement, “Ignorance travels well. All it takes for ignorance to be communicated is for someone, who thinks they know, to tell others.  And more threatening is for someone, who has a large audience – or a large platform – of followers, to visit that which they think they know.”  So, how do you know what is truth from those who speak as though they know?  That question could be likened unto the same asked of Jesus by Pilate when he asked Jesus, “What is truth?”

In today’s teaching we’re going to go deep into the Scripture to explore God’s word [which is always true] about defaulting to abundance and that relationship with your giving; or the tithe!

In one’s own life you may know the subject matter but misinterpret the meaning of the subject matter; or in this case the meaning of the word of God – the truth of the word of God!  And that is not uncommon in the history of God’s people, the history of the Old Testament and the history of the church – the New Testament.  It takes study, it takes discipline and it takes the a constant relationship with the Holy Spirit to guide one into all truth; being willing to be corrected when your disciplines are not aligned with the truth of the word.  Sadly enough, tradition – denominationally, doctrinally, historically – distorts the word of God unwittingly.  In fact the Book of Mark, Jesus cautions his Disciples, Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye,” Mark 7:13.

So, why has there been so much confusion about the tithe in the New Testament church?  You may think you know.  And what you think you know may travel well.  Be sure that in this topic of controversy what you say is well-known for truth.  Join today’s teaching with Pastor Dr. Don Pickeny as he continues in the series, Default to Supernatural Abundance: how to default in abundance, what are the requirements, what is God’s intent and what is planned for the last days.

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