Default To Supernatural Abundance, Pt 5

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

The world gets wealth in wicked ways: plotting, scheming, working with no other focus; and at the expense of family, loved ones, associates . . . the dog eat dog approach while obsessing the ladder of great success and accomplishment only to seek the reward of riches and the disguise of worldly acclaim.  And, the Scripture speaks of all of those ways of the wicked and the corruption of their wealth.

But the Body of Christ, for the most part, struggles to earn much if any abundance!  The greater numbers of Believers live in lack and meager means, subjected to the ways and schemes of the world affecting their wealth . . . or hopes of wealth with which to honor God and bless the kingdom for His purposes.  Most Christians live pay check to pay check subjected to the penalties of the world: higher taxes, higher costs, lower pay, even without knowing their little substance is constantly being stolen from them by the world.

It’s not hard to observe the economics of this world leave the family of God with more and more stress, constantly eroding their focus or distracting their attention from the principles of faith!  So, what is the answer?  Is there any hope – economically – for the Christian in today’s world, even more so with increased global and economic shaking.

Follow again today and Dr. Pickney continues teaching the word of God in this series,  Default to Supernatural Abundance, Pt 5.

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