Default To Supernatural Abundance

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

In today’s home church teaching we go further into the “Default” series of God’s anointing upon His family: the Body of Christ in the coming days!

For the past two weeks, Dr. Pickney has dealt with defaulting to divine protection; and today he goes deeper into anointing principles of defaulting to supernatural abundance coming upon the Body of Christ.

For the most part, the global church is afraid of abundance!  Although most of the body of believers will be quick to acknowledge God’s blessings by example in Abraham, Job, Solomon, etc. always included material wealth; and recognizing instantly that God possesses ALL abundance, the church historically has been cautious that to seek or possess abundance is somehow, or in some fashion, ungodly for the body?

Perhaps the misguided understanding comes from the world as they seek and distort abundance for evil. Accordingly, and with some appreciation for a posture of the faithful to error on the side of caution, the church has been afraid to receive God’s abundance that they may fall into the temptations of the world? After all, having been enslaved in the world under Pharoah for 400 years, the Children of Israel come forth out of Egypt, as God promised, with the abundance of the material wealth of Egypt and immediately went into the wilderness and used the same to build idols from God’s blessings.  They had been cultured and indoctrinated in the world’s distortions in slavery.

While the modern family of God is quick making reference to numerous Scripture verses of inheriting God’s power, might and abundance, the church has historically interpreted the same solely as spiritual  references.  But, is that God’s intention?

You’ll be amazed at God’s heart and His intention for those He loves through Christ.  In the fulness of time, the Scripture reveals that God intends to “once again” bring the wealth of the world to the later family: the Body of Christ.  The only question is, is that fulness of time fast approaching?  Is that fulness of time upon us?  How will God shake the wealth of the world from them and give it to the Body of Christ?  And finally, how will the later family – the Body of Christ – manage it any differently than the former family – the Children of Israel?  Can th Body of Christ expect a divine anointing to use God’s abundance in the earth to the glory of God in heaven?

Join Dr. Pickney as he continues to unfold God’s word teaching the default to protection and abundance.  What is it?  Where is it found in scripture?  What is God’s design for the current age?

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