Don’t Invest In The Markets


You’ve heard similar stories – A man goes into his doctor for a “follow-up” examination. In the follow-up, his doctor informs him, “I have some bad news and some really bad news.”  “Well Doc, let’s have it, “says the patient.  And the doctor replies, “First the bad news: You’re terminal and probably don’t have but a few days to live.”  “Okay,” says the patient, “And what’s the really bad news?”  “The report is a week old,” says the doctor!

That’s where America is today. The bad news is the U.S. is terminal.  By all truthful accounts, the country’s financial system and economic collapse is not expected to survive beyond the next 18 months – maybe less.  But the U.S., as a terminal patient, is lying in emergency care feeding intravenously while the taxpayers pump “debt chemotherapy” into a collapsing body.    

The dying U.S. corpse is the remnant of a world economic system that has funneled untold amounts of wealth to its employer – The Federal Reserve System, under the guise of managed monetary policy endorsed by the U.S. Congress and the White House.  It has worked so well, that the ER Orderlies are doing everything by rote to “s-q-e-e-z-e” every last ounce of blood money they can out of the terminal patient.  But who can blame them really; it’s the ONLY system they have – it’s the world system. 

What alarms me more, while the focus is on the debt crisis and accelerated economic calamity, are peripheral efforts of the system’s institutional markets to seduce you further.  In other words, in the midst of the storm, everybody is telling you their umbrella is the one to keep you dry!   Or, one could say there is no shortage of investment advisors touting which ETF’s to invest in; which trend stocks to buy in the wake of economic depression or which international markets to take advantage of – that will make you rich following the U.S. funeral.

We receive these investment newsletters daily. The popular trend is fear based – which it should be at this point.  At least the independent investment doctors can be trusted with objectivity far more the Surgeon General – Washington D.C., whose practice is deception. 

Let me highlight some trendy subject titles received recently: 

The Sovereign Investor – “Something very Alarming is going on in 44 States;” or “How to Avoid the “Stock Rut” …and Make the Life-Changing Switch to Foreign Currencies;” and, “Yes we Can Still Have Double Dip Recession;” and finally, “Big Profits in an Overlooked Asian Market.”   

Money and Markets – “Don’t Ignore Inflation, Embrace It;” or “Five International Bond ETF’s to Look at Now,” and, “Financial Stocks Tanking. Ignore at Your Own Peril.” And finally, “The Best ETF’s for the Hurricane Season.”

The Daily Reckoning – “Distress is The Mother of Opportunity;” and “Debt vs. Gold – The Hidden Link Explained;” and finally, “What American Investors Need To Know About America’s Debt Crisis.”– “How to Get a Numbered Bank Account;” or “Fox’s Bolling: Gold to Hit $3,000 if US Keeps Spending;” and, “Obama, Bernanke May Be Out of Options to Boost Jobs, Economy;” and finally, “US Treasury: Dollar Could Lose Reserve Status.”   

Intelligent InvestorStock Recommendations and Price Targets from Top Brokerage Firms.” 

International Living – “Profit Overseas;” or, “Your Own Business in Belize – No Experience Necessary;” and, “The Expatriating Rush.”  

You get the picture. It’s business as usual for the investment advisors!  But who’s to blame them?  It’s all they know!  Their job to analyze and advise: in good markets or in bad; in growing economies or declining economies and in statistical trends or patterns.  There is no other system by where they can continue their expertise. 

And in reality, against better judgment, the FED has been pumping money into the markets to give them life . . . or the illusion of life.  In turn, you also know no other system of opportunity. So you’re seduced by hope – led to the slaughter putting the last remaining resources you have available for investment; or maybe don’t have available for investment into the hopes of recovery by a system that is designed to manipulate your risks and their profits.

Here’s our investment advice – “DON’T PUT YOUR MONEY ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE MARKET!” It’s a rigged game, especially in this economic climate when the market makers are willing to deceive anyone for their survival. These are the times to plan for extreme hardship and survival. Save your money, liquidate all that you can and convert worthless cash into valuable assets like gold, silver, food storage, water filtration systems and gardening seeds. 

And then, put your hope and trust in the only asset that cannot be eroded – The Word of God!  God is the best economic advisor available. In ancient Egypt, He told Joseph to tell Pharaoh to store grain for the years of drought and economic hardship ahead. He told Jacob to lay branches in the water troughs in front of them; and his cattle grew in population greater than all in the land – Jacob grew rich.  Talk about unconventional economic advice!  God will use the base things of the world to confound the wise [investment advisors] and bring you to the place of prosperity.

This is a day to begin to ignore the world’s traditional investment advisors and turn to biblical advisors. The Great Physician – The LORD of hosts – has informed that the systems of the world are worn out, they are collapsing. Do not look to the Doctrines of Discontent or the Doctors of Disinformation to keep the system alive.  Talk to your denominational leaders about God’s movement in the world today.  If they have no further clue about what is occurring, then find a gathering that does. 

While most are sitting in the waiting room of doom, greater numbers of God’s family are beginning to Arise and Shine in glory!

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