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Our daily news feeds that come to us really represent the same familiar themes and events found elsewhere that shake the hopes of citizens and readers together.  And although we think it’s necessary to keep you informed of the accelerating world crisis and global systems collapse, we also realize the response. Most readers and masses will respond in one of three ways: recognize the coming calamity and prepare for it, recognize impending threats but feel helpless and consumed with crisis paralysis, or ignore the warning signs with disbelief at their peril.

I understand how helpless global and national predictions can resonate.  But we also understand there are untold numbers of readers who simply do not understand accelerating national and global crisis.  Further, no matter the threat, there are those who cannot consider it when the cupboards are empty, the automobile is repossessed, the home is foreclosed, the income has disappeared and the dollar will not purchase what it is suppose to.

And about the time of personal loss and annihilation, the system has no mercy; but exercises a merciless authority to promote its own recovery at your expense and loss. It seems a hopeless endeavor.  And everyone that offers help has their own hand out for payment!

Our staff has decided to begin investigation of opportunities for hope and resolution.  We’re going to include in The Day and Night Post, sort of a “Fortune Friday” post. Each week we’re going to investigate at home online job opportunities and report about them on Friday.

Our criteria, hopefully, will be opportunities that have a broad appeal and application; can be engaged from even the most remote locations, and provide good basic value as we have uncovered throughout the week.  Our thoughts are encourage our readers to prosper and plan.  So, we’re going to try to post at least a couple of current weekly work from home opportunities with real companies looking for real people.  These will not be the run of the mill diatribe of surveys for cash, posting ads or get rich quick schemes.  These will be companies that we uncover and investigate throughout our weekly work at home reviews.

From time to time, these jobs may be restricted by territorial limitations and type, but be patient if that occurs, next week there may be something available for you.  Already in our investigations we are reviewing job postings in a number of categories: clerical, business, customer service, engineering & programming, finance, creative art and design, human resources, sales & marketing, professional, web development, etc.

And these postings will not be loss leaders to get you to pay for a job board. No, these will be our research gift to you.  Obviously, in these times, we wish that we could find a flood of opportunities for everyone that is seeking!  But, if The Day and Night Post can do its part to assist one person, one family to benefit, then we’re blessed to be a part. With that in mind, here is a sampling of this week’s reviews.  

Fortune Friday Listings:

Category:   Clerical

Job Title:   Transcript Editor


We are looking for part-time and full-time contract transcriptionists/editors to transcribe recorded audio and edit imperfect transcription using a proprietary internet-based software application. All work is done remotely, so you need a good computer and a high speed internet connection. The hours are flexible, but you should be willing to commit a minimum of 15 hours per week. To be a good candidate, you need to be able to work independently with minimal supervision, have the willingness to learn new software, and be able to work under pressure with time constraints

Required Qualifications

  • College degree
  • US resident
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Perfect command of English usage, grammar, and punctuation
  • Experience with computer word processing
  • Typing ability of at least 75 wpm
  • Proficiency with internet research and reference resources

Apply: http://www.3playmedia.com/company/jobs/transcript-editor/

Category:   Clerical

Job Title:       Virtual Assistant


You must be available during our office hours, 8-6 CST, Monday thru Friday. We do not offer evening or weekend positions, although there may be times when deadlines need to be met that you may be asked to the occasional work night or weekend.  We observe all national holidays.

You must have earned a 2 year or better degree at a college or university OR have at least 5 years work experience as an Administrative or Executive Assistant and have worked with online entrepreneurs or in a small business environment.

You possess strong written and oral skills, are internet savvy and are proficient in Microsoft Office suites. You must be able to type 55 words or better per minute and produce effective correspondence and accurate reports.

Apply: http://virtualassistantindustry.com/about/va-career-opportunities/

Be Blessed!

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