Fortune Friday


Hello Americans.  It’s time for job news.  This week’s investigation has uncovered a couple of business related work from home opportunities.  Both of these postings pertain to business potential. 

Provided the listings, you are encouraged to contact each site for details of application.  We trust that there will be a match and a blessing.

Category: Business; Engineering or Programming; Finance
Job Title: Experts / Consultants
Date Added: 2011/07/08
Job Description: Share your expertise and get paid in return for your valuable insights. Membership is free.
Requirements: Applicants must have several years experience and deep working knowledge of their industry.
Contact: Learn more and apply online at: http://www.circleofexperts.net/expert-join.aspx


Category: Business; Finance
Job Title: Mentors
Date Added: 2011/07/05
Job Description: This company offers a rewarding opportunity for accomplished individuals interested in mentoring. Share experiences and knowledge, helping others to grow and succeed.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree preferred; a minimum of twenty years of experience in any one industry or in any one business area or field; a minimum of five years of volunteer experience preferred.
Contact: To review qualifications and instructions, visit: http://www.ingagementors.com/mentoring/become+a+mentor
Comments: About company: http://www.ingagementors.com
Categories : Work From Home

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