God Is Never Wrong When He Reports The News


Aren’t you glad, “God Is Never Wrong!”

With growing distrust fo the world’s media and news reports, it a great relief to know when God reports the news it is trusted, reliable and accurate. And, His reporting staff are faithful: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” can be carved in stone!

We live in a world of doubt and suspicions: government greed, financial abuse, violent acts, ulterior motives and public distrust; along with cultural biases, national and personal racial discrimination.

The general global public knows the world’s main stream media compliments their multi-national corporate directors with misinformation for predisposed purposes. Propaganda has been a part of the world’s methods as long as man has had methods.

But there is no propaganda with the God of heaven and earth. It is impossible for Him to lie.  And, Adonai, God, does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets,” Amos 3:7.  Further, The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law,” Deuteronomy 29:29.  The Lord is righteous; and with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning,” James 1:17; there is not even the slightest degree of error.

So we could say, “When the Adonai Media reports the news, it’s always accurate, always reliable, always dependable . . . no misinformation! No ulterior motive; but a pure motive to lead the world into truth.”

The Day and Night Post reports: while the world is receiving greater misinformation in this day, the family of God is receiving greater truthful revelation in this day. Quietly, behind the scenes, even hidden from the corporate media is God’s News of Global Change.  We have to admit it’s not always reported to the Day and Night Post staff directly from a the Adonai News Source.  But often indirectly from our news source correspondents in the field – so to speak: God’s “servants the prophets” and faithful family [of God] whom has heard from the Source!

God is never late with the news; He’s usually early!  One new subject is the China Factor Book, written by revelation in 2005 by Dr. Don Pickney, preceding his recently authored book, A Prosperity Phenomenon, a Revelation of The Day of Jehovah Tsaba, published by Charisma House Publishers and featured in The Day and Night Post home page library.

A China Factor PDF Download, is available to outline the related news to Dr. Pickney that He [the Lord] would use China to shake the nations of the world:

“The year is 2015, God knew how to use China to shake the nations of the world, much like He did the Pharaohs of Egypt in ancient times,  Jehovah took the cruel heartless government of China into His hands as His pawn. China is the richest, most powerful nation on Earth, much like Egypt following the seven years of plenty a period that pulled Israel into Egypt where they were in bondage for over 400 years.

The year is 2015, and the United States golden age has come to a crashing end. It was a deliberate stealth attack from Beijing.  A total economic collapse in which billions of US dollars quietly, purposefully disappeared … with more devastation than U.S. citizens could have imagined had they even been aware of it:

  1. A $600 billion trade deficit
  2. A steady loss of high-wage manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico
  3. A near zero personal savings rate, high credit card debt and an epic housing bubble
  4. A secret government deficit of some $44 trillion dollars
  5. A series of foreign wars, designed to deplete the U.S. Treasury, sending the printing presses of the U.S. fiat currency into an unimaginable production cycle, polarizing the population, and alienating the world. *

The Chinese know this. They have a secret plan to take advantage of it. Believe me, it is important for you spiritually and financially to know what they intend to do.  It is important for us to know how to protect ourselves, and how to glow with God’s great wealth inversion prosperity plan.

* Then China slowly replaced the United States as the No 1 destination for foreign investment.  China didn’t need its own investment capital.  It got plenty from the United States which built thousands of factories to take advantage of China’s humongous and super-cheap labor force. And finally, China played a dangerous strategic game to corner most of the world’s oil. Without realizing it, the United States played exactly into China’s hand, alienating the Saudis, who found themselves a new superpower protector in Beijing.”

That was from the Adonai News Source to Dr. Pickney in 2005.  Today, Australia to Abandon The US Dollar.

God is never wrong when He reports the news.  And, the dedicated staff at The Day and Night Post works to simply track the progress.


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