Have You Been Farming Long?


There’s this familiar photo that floats around in farming circles of these young chaps . . . perhaps the ages of about 2 ½ to 3 years old.  Both are looking at each other, dressed in small boy farmer bib overalls, with the picture caption, “You Been Farming Long?”  My own late father, a retired farmer, had this picture hanging in his retirement home. Must have brought back the memories? And, it’s a good picture of the opportunity to start all over again. We can when it comes to our food choices.

I’m reminded of the migration from the farm to the urban areas over the past several decades as modern farming grew with efficiency to produce enough to feed the world.  But, as with much of other industries, the farming industry too has been increasingly monopolized by corporate farming entities.  And combined with the trade challenges of crop and food imports, the modern citizen probably has no clue as to the methods of growing their own food. 

The irony of progress and economics and the necessities of life is that harder times could turn to require the remigration of the masses.  But along the way, farming methods have turned even the most desolate earthen areas into gardens of abundance.  In the weeks ahead we’ll actually show you how city dwellers are turning their rooftop penthouse patios into garden patches to offset the cost of food.  A little knowledge goes a long way . . . and food just may become gold in years to come.

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