I Will Pour My Spirit Out On All Flesh


We do a lot of posting about the current events of global shaking: nations, systems, financial, political, etc. as foretold in Scripture about the last days; the growing darkness, increasing wickedness, wealth power and pride of the world.   But, the scripture references great anointing and blessing, and divine power shall increase on the family of God simultaneously with darkness increasing in the world.

As the shaking, turmoil and confusion seems so predominate, at times, it’s easy to overlook the unreported news of anointing.  In today’s video, you’ll witness an example of God’s favor exercised by faith and words: the Biblical principles of power in the spoken word is eloquently manifested in this incident caught of surveillance video.

I believe the day is fast approaching when this example of anointing will grow to be the news predominate.  In this surveillance video a Believer – store owner – invokes the power of the Holy Spirit with words.  See how it renders a would be robber harmless.

No weapons formed against us shall prosper and in the name of Jesus every knee shall bow! (Isaiah 54:17, Philippians 2:10)

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