Indefinite Detention: The New Norm


If you’re a citizen of any country it’s hard not to be loyal, especially when your own life seems to be enjoying the absence or threat of personal indefinite detention; and you’re pacified with life’s easy planned distractions.

Indefinite detention is not a theory, it’s already happening and threatens to become the norm.

The Washington Post – May 2, 2013: Guantanamo Hunger Strike Renews Debates Over Indefinite Detention, “Twice a day at the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, guards take a group of detainees from their cells, one at a time, to a camp clinic or a private room on their block.

The detainees are offered a hot meal or a liquid nutritional supplement, and, if they refuse, they are strapped into a chair.  A nurse then passes a tube through their nose and down into their stomachs; for one or two hours, they are fed a drip of Ensure while a Navy corpsmen watches.”

Today’s video is a chilling report – a chilling reality – another example of what the Scripture foretells for the growing darkness of the end times, “. . . men while rise up against men, household against household.”

As economic collapse continues to threaten the world system a new political order will be implemented under the guise of protection.  Executive orders will be exercised, media bias will be the propaganda and chaos will grow increasingly in society.

“How To Deal With Resistance: The greatest obstacle to this unconstitutional, self-styled, Satan-inspired, totalitarian government of the new world order will be true, Bible-believing Christians who will be branded as cultists, fanatics, or dangerous fundamentalists.  In the April 21, 1994 edition of USA Today, and article titled, “Experts Weigh How to Deal With Cults in the Future” pointed out that, “There is a rise in ‘fanaticism’ all across the world.  Today, the groups (cults) tend to believe the Bible predicts the end of the world is near.”  Quoting author Pau Boyer, the article revealed, “In the past couple of decades, we’ve had a sharp upsurge of interest in Bible prophecy.”  Like the Nazis in Germany and the Communists in Russia, the establishment liberals and conservatives in the United States share a common premise – the rejection of the supreme authority of the almighty God of the Bible.  Writing in the Colorado Christian News, editor Joann Bruso aptly states, “This new definition  for ‘religious fanatics’ includes every evangelical, Pentecostal and Bible-believing Christian.  It’s time for America to wake up.” – The New Economic Disorder, Dr. Larry Bates.

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