It’s A Ground Swell Of Distrust


Today’s polling includes everything from obesity trends to political views on a global scale as well as individual nations, regions and localities which could be further broken down to ethnicities and shopping habits . . . or “LIKES.”  So, it’s no misnomer to accurately assess public outcry.  And, the scales of distrust of government are tipping darker and darker and darker.

But then, isn’t that precisely what the Prophet Isaiah proclaimed would occur as the end of the age drew near: “For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people . . .” – Isaiah 60:2.  But then, the verse summons the prophetic picture of simultaneous events in a culminating fashion. Darkness [Greek – Hebrew terms: misery, destruction, sorrow, panic, fear, destruction, distress, wickedness … even death] will cover the earth while the glory of God – and the anointing of God – will arise [Hebrew: “arise” means to “appear suddenly as a symptom *”] upon His family.

In today’s world, we are witnessing unprecedented instability.

“. . . we’ve watched instability grow; and we’ve watched it come to a point when then we start hearing the words from everybody, “unprecedented;” this is an “unprecedented” shaking!  Nations have shaken before; but not “every” nation in the world shaking all at the same time before!   What scares world leaders so much now is that one nation can’t lean on another nation at this time; because that nation is just as unstable as the other nation?  So, that’s the unprecedented part of this!  When Japan was having serious economic problems in the 80’s, they could look to some of the European countries’ and to some degree look to the U.S.; and so the nations all sort of worked together to help Japan get back on its economic feet.  But when a nation falls now there is no place to go because they are all shaking at the same time *.”  * Dr. Don Pickney – Sermon Notes

Not counting the distrust in other nations, in the United States alone, 75% of the American public does not trust the government.  The epidemic is reaching all time lows.

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