My Friend, Pastor Kamili Kajana – Kenya, Africa


I am delighted today to shed the light of Christ on the ministry of Kamili Kijana in Kenya, Africa. 

One of the great blessings of The Day and Night Post is reporting and communicating with God’s family around the globe.  Many are individuals and some are ministries doing the work of the Gospel in near and far away lands.

The great contrasts of light and darkness – goodness and evil, prosperity and poverty, health and sickness – are growing throughout the globe.  A new era of religious freedoms and religious persecution is emerging.  And many of the brethren, their families and church families are facing great challenges.  Yet they carry the message of Christ without wavering.

Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of communicating with Pastor Kijana in Kenya, Africa through The Day and Night Post and Facebook Instant Messenger.  Isn’t technology wonderful?

While I begin my day in America, Pastor Kajana’s day is drawing to a close in Kenya. It seems common to for me to be logging on to my office computer as he is preparing to log off for the day in Kenya. Accordingly, we often find ourselves online together to share the blessings of the day, the duties of his ministry and rejoicing in God’s goodness.

Several days ago as I began my morning routines, neither his email or instant message was there.  In fact several days continued without a word from Pastor Kijana.  I left a few messages for him with no response. My thoughts went back to his first letter to me . . . 

Dearest man of God, myself was born in an extended poor polygamy family where both my father and I belonged. My father’s family included 10 children, while now he has given birth to 16 children. All these men and women live miserably without Jesus in their lives. The name Jesus sounds like a proverb to them! But thanks to Almighty God, among all He chose me, called me, anointed me, ordained me and commissioned me to preach His word. When I began doing what God had wanted me to do as a called out one, my family totally refused me to be one of them and eventually they chased me away for they wanted to deny the testimony of Christ. My dearest, I decided to move out and do the will of our Father in heaven.

I moved out as they wanted but continued preaching Jesus as the Christ. I do pass through a lot of hardships but I always stand the name of our Lord!!   You can imagine renting a house you are staying with your family, but you are chased out sometimes for failing to paying rent.  When I began sincerely, I never knew if I would ever become connected with someone like you. So I consider meeting you to be an answered prayer for it has taken me eternity for me to pray and fast at least God to connect with one like you.

Despite of all these am still serving our God whole heartedly. Our church is located in interior parts of Kenya, Africa, where poverty is so rampant, where there no food, clean water, clothing, shelter, medical among others. But these people of God are very hungry and thirst for God’s word.  So, it makes me to move daily in their places, teaching and preaching the good news about Christ. I always move sometimes the whole day without food, water and even legs get swollen because of footing long distance. The church where I am the senior Pastor has the capacity of 100 members, but among them only 6 have bibles. In the rental house inclusive of also 12v children who are totally orphans!!”

Four days ago, my morning was greeted again by Pastor Kijana.  The letter said, Yesterday, the landlord from no cause came and told me that he doesn’t want anything like my ministry in his plot. He went further telling me that he wants me to quit immediately man of God.  He has locked us out side; he does not want us in, man of God. That is why I have decided to write to you so that you can pray for us and if there is an advice as per the Holy Spirit we shall appreciate. Remember we have no place to go and relocate ourselves!!! Please prayer from you is something very important. Love you all, you can share this with your friends too.”

While Pastor Kijana and many of the orphans spread the good news of the Gospel, they minister without food and clean water; and sleep on the marketplace verandas; “The veranda is on the market. We walk during day time so we wait when people are sleeping then, when shops closed. Then we join the Watchmen to watch over night!!”

We believe that many of our readers will be encouraged to pray and support Pastor Kijana and his church ministry. And, we thank the LORD of hosts ahead of time for His provisions to His servant and His family in Kenya, Africa.

Pastor Kijana can be contacted at in Kenya, Africa.

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