Our 3-Fold Redemption: Poverty – Sickness – Death, Pt. 3

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

The teaching text for today’s home church study will be Isaiah 61, focusing on Isaiah’s prophecy of the event known as The Day of Jehovah Tsaba before the end of the age.  Through the ages, because the time was not yet, the revelation has been missed, ignored or misunderstood . . . until now!  And, the revelation of it is rising up in remnants of the global church.

God’s revelation doesn’t always come through the main stream.  Remember, the announcement prelude of the birth of Christ (outside of the first family) was quietly revealed to only three wise men in faraway lands.  And on the very day of Christ’s birth, an angel of the LORD announced the event had occurred to a few itinerant sheep herders out in the local fields beyond Bethlehem.

God’s announcement didn’t come through the main stream religious institutions of the day. Neither did God make an announcement on the RNN – Roman News Network – of the day.

But the biggest difference that we can observe between that day and this is the government of that day [Herod], the religious leaders, and the society was at least aware of the prophecies and the promised event. Today, most, if not all, are completely unaware of the prophecies and the promised event of a Day the Lord of hosts: the Day of Jehovah Tsaba.

So, if you’re looking for the main stream media, the main stream church or the main stream institutions to make an earth shattering announcement, “don’t hold your breath,” as they say.

We are encouraged to bring you a featured weekly teaching of Scripture promises and detail of the prophecies explained and taught by our resident Pastor Dr. Don G. Pickney, M.Div. / Th.D.

This week Dr. Pickney will continue in a series unveiling Isaiah’s teaching: unfold the news, the announcement and the revelation of what God is doing in the earth today.  It is a process leading up to a set time, and appointed time of what the Scriptures describe as the greatest event to ever occur on planet earth.

Join this week’s home church teaching of the series, Our 3-Fold Redemption: Poverty – Sickness – Death” as Dr. Don Pickney helps the church to enlarge their understanding and their hearts.

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