Pastor Peggy Clements – “Unshaken”

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Unshaken is the title of today’s weekly teaching by Pastor Peggy Clements. In the absence of Pastor Dr. Don Pickney this week, the Day and Night Post is privileged bring you the congruent teaching of Assoc. Pastor, Peggy Clements.  I’m sure you’ll agree Peggy’s unique teaching style honors God’s word and compliments the teachings of Scripture relative to what is happening in the world today; and what the word of God reveals for the coming days.

Ms. Clements is active in teaching ministry several times a week through local church and small group women’s ministries.  And, this week as Pastor Dr. Don Pickney and family are enjoying a much needed vacation, Pastor Clements is available to fill a teaching roll.

We’re sure you’ll find this week’s teaching rewarding and refreshing in the spirit of truth and knowledge.  While the world today seems shaken at every level, God’s plan and His purpose is unshakable.  Millions of people globally are questioning, “What is happening in the world today?”  But, few really understand and see with spiritual eyes the unshaken hand of God.

You’ll appreciate Pastor Clements teaching and your understanding will be enlightened.

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Unshaken – Pastor Peggy Clements
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