Prosperity Phenomenon

 The Season of the Great Fruitful Harvest is at hand.
The world is complicit with the rich and unrighteous, but The Day and Night Post
investigates and reports on the growing manifestation of The Rich and Righteous!
Announcing the Great Manifestation

~ Now Released ~

The book the world has been waiting for:

A Prosperity Phenomenon:
A Manifestation of The Day of Jehovah Tsaba”
written by Dr. Don G. Pickney
published by Charisma House Publishers
forward and endorsement by Dr. Miles Munroe
 This book will give you God’s News of Global Change like no other publication.
It will open your eyes to God’s promises for the last days: and the great wealth transfer manifestation beginning to occur in the earth. And it will inspire you to participate in the wealth and the glory reserved for the Family of God for the last days!
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