Rejoice Update 2


The Beauty of Holiness – Corresponding with shaking of the nations of the earth in glorious fashion, we’d like to contrast the numbness of world doldrums with the quiet glory of God’s grace and holiness.

While the world portrays the undercurrents of deception and darkness, God works openly in the light! Often times a lone missionary will follow the voice of God to bring hope and blessing to one individual at a time.  The co-laborer with Christis not featured on the World Evening News; nor is the world concerned about the tireless efforts of one solitary missionary evangelists’ journey to the obedience of Christ.  But, The Day and Night Post rejoices to publicize the life and times of just such obedience.  And such is the post story today, as we bring to you a “Rejoice Update!”

As Dr. Larry Bates says in his book: The New Economic Disorder, “… Christ did not spend time trying to control people’s lives by moving them out of the slums and ghettos. He simply walked those squalid streets from one end to another, trying to get the slums out of the people.  He planted in them the seeds of character and integrity, not the ugly desires to claim what belongs to others.” 

Such is the life of Rev. Joyce McNaughton, as she walks the streets of Spain to plant the seeds of integrity in the “ladies of the evening.”  The emphasis of her ministry is the “Beauty of Holiness.”  Picture this – Rev. Joyce walks and walks and walks and brings the love of Christ to all who will listen and receive the Beauty of Holiness.  She could use a church van! But, to date there is no van! Albeit, the Lord has promised her a van! And we rejoice that a church van is forthcoming! While world banking executives cry about their $Million dollar year end bonuses, Rev. McNaughton’s simple desire is a modest church van to give into to the lives of others. The Lord has also given Rev. McNaughton the vision of raising up a “Costa del Sol Bible Institute.”  Rev. McNaughton communicates with The Day and Night Post with updates of the lives of those whom Christ has sent her to love. And The Day and Night Post communicates to you with what we have come to term, “Rejoice Updates.”

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar ministries around the globe.  But the Lord has brought Rejoice Ministries to The Day and Night Post for His glory; and to support the “Beauty of Holiness.” Our word at The Day and Night Post is to bring attention to Rejoice Ministries through readership.  There will be the day when ALL of Rev. McNaughton’s ministry needs are met with overflowing abundance.  Until that day, the staff of The Day and Night Post will continue to pray for Rejoice Ministries and bring to you Rejoice Updates.  Readership may contact the ministry at –  The ministry is also listed on the The Day and Night Post right sidebar.  You may support Rejoice Ministries as well.  And, we encourage any support be communicated directly to the Rejoice Ministry website.

We thank you in advance for your work in the Kingdom through Rejoice Ministries. As the Lord blesses your work and your support, you will read about it here.

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