Rejoice Update – January 2011.

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Rejoice Update – January 2011.

We’ve had the privilege the past few weeks to enjoy the company and retreat of Rev. Joyce McNaughton with Rejoice Ministries to join us in Arizona.  She returned as she does every year at this time to visit with ministry partners and bring to us the good news of God’s hand in The Beauty of Holiness through the ministry in Spain.  Rejoice Ministries is a real Arise and Shine opportunity as we witness the sparkles of once lost women and some men, accept and embrace the anointing and the glory of God.  We can see them sparkling from here.

For those of us who have not been called into full time missionary evangelism it is inspiring to listen and to enjoy the fellowship of her faith as it agrees with ours.  Or, maybe I should say it is a blessing to join our faith with hers as she [we] agrees with God’s leading in the mission field in and around Malaga, Spain.

We are blessed to listen to her testimony of going along the routes of her daily ministry and into the city where she brings The Beauty of Holiness to share the love of Christ with the ladies of the evening on the streets of Spain.  For the most part, Rev. Joyce goes alone; walking to most areas, often miles and miles on foot in the heat of the day along the coast of Spain while visiting with those who will listen and respond to the love of Christ.

From time to time she has been interviewed by local TV stations and featured in the local newspaper.  But for the most part, her ministry is by word of mouth – one woman at a time; and sometimes a few men will also listen to the good news.  She ministers to the element of society that is held in the grips of sexual slavery.  Her passion is to give to them freedom in Christ!

This year we received firsthand the reports of God’s goodness there and the impact of faith and patience.  The challenges are living arrangements to provide Rev. McNaughton with a home; and the tools of ministry: printed materials, brochures, handouts, Bibles, invitations, transportation, etc.

As Rejoice Ministries is a featured ministry of The Day and Night Post, we also invite you to view the ministry website www.rejoiceministries.info.   There you will find the links to the ministry, Costa Del Sol Bible School, pictures, news announcements, etc., and an opportunity to Partner with Rejoice Ministries in an effort to reach the lost on the streets of Spain.

This coming year we are believing God for transportation, living support and a Church [Ministry] Van.  Rev. Joyce desires to be able to customize a van into a chapel on wheels.  That will enable her to offer covered and safe protection for the girls from the street exposure. We know that God rewards those that partner with His work.  If you can’t travel to Spain, we invite you to travel there in spirit and in truth.

Rev. McNaughton will be returning to Spain on March 4, 2011 from Chicago.  Feel free to participate in the celebration of God’s love for the ladies of the evening; and Rev. Joyce’s tireless love for them as well.

This year, Joyce has announced plans for a new website BLOG to be launched that she will be able to minister to her US partners and the field ministry in an energetic and interactive way.  You will be blessed to stay in touch.  Thank you in the name of Jesus!

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