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It’s not always easy to casually observe disparity in the world.  Most of what we witness by news and publication is a censored topic and event. To recapture over this past week, global news has focused on the world phenomenal: a Royal wedding, hurricane devastation in the Deep South of the United States; and the traumatic events of the Osama Bin Laden story – intelligence reports, operative news, Special Forces training and capabilities, top clearance daily briefings, code words, mock drills and the fulfillment of months of strategy!  Sounds like a documentary novel and movie.

The institutions and masses of the world are so enthroned by a culture of sensationalism, what they miss by design is the real phenomenal: quiet, meek, virtuous and powerful workings of the Spirit of God; far greater than the ratings of created worldly news.

What the world has seen over the past few days is the news of terror, masterminds, plots and counter-espionage.  In contrast, what God offers is not espionage, plots and counter events. He offers a true character to such degree that it’s often confounded, discounted, even rejected out of hand; for it is found in the presence of a different spirit, a recreated spirit.

Today, I want to provide a news alternative with our Rejoice Update.  Rejoice Ministries is a regularly featured evangelistic outreach ministry on The Day and Night Post.  Reverend Joyce McNaughton is not a member of a “special op” ministry team, or equipped with the latest media technology, or anchored with a reporting staff of news correspondents.  But Reverend McNaughton is anchored with a current calling to minister to the sex slave trade in Malaga, Spain.  Her ministry focuses on bringing the Beauty of Holiness and the Love of God to those held hostage in an environment of selling themselves for survival and addiction.

Joyce lives month to month by support provided by the hand of God. She focuses more on her mission than her means of support, trusting the LORD to provide her daily needs, which she considers secondary to the needs of the women outside of the grace of God.  But, she prevails and rejoices in every life that is transformed by the love of the LORD.

Her ministry promises something every human heart desires, something not found in the avenues of human influence, something that only the Spirit of God can provide; that is God’s grace, forgiveness, fulfillment and wholeness.  If you join her email list, you’ll receive regular snapshot pictures and ministry news.

Her ministry is not nationally or worldly acclaimed, so we feature the ministry on The Day and Night Post to offer our faithful readers an opportunity to rejoice with Reverend McNaughton and to support her ministry if they choose.  If you chose to participate in the calling of God to witness to, and free, the slaves of human trafficking, you can celebrate with God and be assured that your love too is being made visible through the work of Rejoice Ministries.

Reverend McNaughton probably is not going to be featured on the mainstream 5 O’clock News, or the network cable channels anytime soon.  But she is featured on The Day and Night Post, because we have the assurance from the LORD that her ministry will be blessed.

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 Rev. Joyce McNaughton – April 11, 2011 Testmony

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