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Check Local Listings Sunday March 3, 2013 on A&E/History Channel. – “The Bible is once again coming to the small screen on the History Channel starting March 3. THE BIBLE miniseries was developed by Producer Mark Burnett (SURVIVOR, THE APPRENTICE, SHARK TANK) and his wife Roma Downey, who’s most known for her role in the popular TV series TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL.

The first episode of the TV series THE BIBLE begins with Noah as he and his family huddle together in the ark amidst the crashing of the waves. Noah comforts his family by recounting the creation of the universe from Genesis One.

The clear theme of episode one is God’s covenant promise to His people. From Noah, the narrator transitions to Abraham, whose descendants, God promised, would be more numerous than the stars. Much of the episode focuses on the faith of Abram and Sarai (who are renamed Abraham and Sarah), which is always being tested. God sees the strong faith of Abraham and blesses him for it. His descendants multiply just as God promised.

THE BIBLE then takes the audience to the time of Moses. We see how Moses learned his true identity as a child of God and how he brought God’s people out of slavery from Pharaoh. He proclaims to the Israelites that God is with them and His covenant to His people still stands. This two-hour-long, first segment of THE BIBLE ends with Moses handing down the reins to Joshua and grabs the viewer with a cliff-hanger ending.

The beauty of the TV miniseries THE BIBLE is how it weaves the Biblical accounts together while keeping the historical and emotional integrity of Scripture. Mark Burnett and Roma Downey do a masterful job adapting such a large and incredibly significant portion of Scripture. Some details of certain historical accounts are left out due to time constraints, so by no means can this TV series or any other replace the inspired Word of God, but the first episode of THE BIBLE succeeds in making history more alive.

Parents do need to exercise caution on whether THE BIBLE is appropriate for their children. There are some heavier action sequences and implied sexuality that wouldn’t be suitable for younger viewers. Otherwise, however, the first episode to THE BIBLE is tremendously exciting, inspiring, and uplifting. Best of all, it reminds us that God is always with us.”

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March 5th, 2013 at 12:22 pm

I agree that the Bible series is a great idea and I realize that they cut out parts due to time constraints but on the other hand, if you are going to do a series on the Bible, it is better to not cut out important parts while adding parts that are not in the Word…  We had no intentions of watching it (knowing we would be critical) but then realized that friends would be and figured we should in order to discuss it if necessary.  When doing a series on the Bible, excellence is necessary…an absolute necessity.   Just our opinion… I guess it is better than nothing… No that isn’t true.. Excellence is required and it needs to be done right or not at all.   There are many parts of the Bible that can be dropped and not discredit the Word but already the first hour or so…there were parts that the Bible never mentions – Sarah chasing Abraham up the mountain… The angels fighting the men in Sodom…& Then the missing cloud/fire between the Israelites and the armies of Pharoah during the exodus…(and the plundering of Egypt…).   Smiles!  
Love your blog!!!  Thanks for continuing to do this… Wish I was as good at doing one… Just haven’t gotten there…  Blessings!

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