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Chris Martenson is one of the most prolific common sense writers today. He focuses on three essentials: economy, energy and environment.  He nails it! And, Mr. Martenson is not just a random voice with an opinion to sell.  He actually has credentials.  He has both an MBA and Ph.D. and is a research scientist.   As a concerned citizen he investigates and publishes common sense strategies that seem to be escaping the main stream.  We agree and we endorse his work.

Now, we hear from many of our readers indicating they faithfully read our daily news posts, by rarely look at the links associated on the sidebar of the homepage. Well, Okay!  We’re glad you’re reading the daily posts. But, we’ve listed links on the sidebars of The Day and Night Post for a reason.  We encourage you to spend some time reviewing links and information impacting not only North American lives, but lives across the whole earth.  We’ve listed Chris Martenson’s link under the “News Watch” Link Category, and recommend it. You’ll get a very good layman’s perspective for much of the segmented news we also post. 

Mr. Martenson classifies himself as a research scientist.  And we conclude his work rewards that description.  He does a remarkable job of researching the symptoms.  At The Day and Night Post, we take it a dimension or three higher.  In a recent news-feed from Newsmax.com, the article was written, “Will Jesus Ever Return? Some Wonder.”  If that question seems to be confounding, we suggest a good place to start is a review of Chris Martenson’s research and match it with prophetic news.  His video material is free to the public, which you can find on Chris Martenson web site. We’d like to honor his work today by embedding one of his brief presentations here.  The Jesus’ puzzle may just begin to take shape.

After reviewing this video, we’re going to ask you to take a moment or two to really think about who, what, why is really behind the dramatic changes occurring in the world today.  Tomorrow, we’re going to cover, “Hiding in Plain Sight.”

Crash Course by Chris Martenson – 38 Minutes [must see]

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