The Slavery Of The World


The global masses go about their daily routines under the illusion of freedom.

In most democratic societies – including the United States – citizens would deny or perish the thought they are no more than common captives: slaves to a global system, global elite, banking system in concert with respective governments.  Most individuals have no idea they – and their labor – are simply collateral for their country’s government debt owed to the central banks as current administrations and the ruling classes propagandize the debt crisis. Most are more enticed with deceptive social programs and little regard for the consequences.  Every government program packaged as a social program is nothing more than a massive formula for seizure of individual wealth: to satisfy – interpreted portend – the priority of national debt.

Well, this week in Cyprus the masses received a rude awakening when the banks closed their doors to private citizens and their money, claiming ownership of certain portions thereof; the exercise under the guise of bank bailouts.

“This seizing of private funds held in bank accounts is being called a “bailout” by eurozone cleptocrats. This is the model of theft that we are going to see replicated all across the EU as the global debt collapse takes hold. When wealthy bankers and investment houses make bad decisions on derivatives debt, they will be “bailed out” by a combination of governments creating fiat currency and / or looting the bank accounts of private citizens.” – Mike Adams, Natural News

Still the masses of people in far away lands remain lulled asleep by the sinister promises of their own governments.  It’s the classic story of The Wizard of Oz. Lawful Cyprus citizens are threatening violence.
Do you suppose there is any such coincidence for the confiscation of guns in America?  Why would the government need to disarm its lawful citizens?  While the American president suggests the national debt is not a threat, we are witnessing the most aggressive manipulation of gun rights in the history of the United States.
What is really happening in the earth today?  Perhaps a global shaking really is taking place: “A Prosperity Phenomenon – A Revelation Of The Day of Jehovah Tsaba” in The Day and Night Bookstore is recommended reading.
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