The Yule Log Is Still Burning


Hey, it’s kind of slow around the offices of The Day and Night Post this week, as it’s the time of the season when we don’t work much!  In fact today, I’m the only one at the office.  You could say, “Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”  Oh, I guess that’s suppose to be for “the night before Christmas?”

Well, we like Christmas to linger around here so . . . it’s still quiet.  I like to reflect the goodness of our Christian heritage: thank the Lord for His gift through His son Jesus Christ; and keep the celebration meditation going for a while!

But, I did stop by the publisher’s desk today to check out the email box and . . . WOW, the world doesn’t waste any time trying to get back into the groove flooding the email box with AFTER Christmas sales and prior to Year End discounts – maybe to make up for what they couldn’t get out of me earlier?   I don’t know?

But, I do know that it never seems to quit.  For those who worship the dollar – or whatever denomination is your country’s host – it’s got to be an unfufilling prophecy: never to be satisfied.  I remember someone asked John D. Rockefeller how much was enough when they asked, “Mr. Rockefeller, how many dollars do you need?”  He replied, “Just one more!”

Yes, everyone needs to make a living and the cost of living is increasing year by year, month by month and even day by day as the world’s fiat currencies are depreciating in value – it seems – by the minute!  But, the word of the Lord reminds us that our Heavenly Father knows we have need of “all these things” that the world seeks.  But, He has a different set of rules for His family: seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness . . . and “all these things” shall be added unto you!

So, just sitting here reflecting on the year 2012; and projecting on 2013 we want to be able to encourage one another to focus on the Kingdom of God.  So, before the New Year officially begins, let’s make a new committment to seek first the Kingdom of God; and “agree” that He will add all these needs unto us!

So, we’re planning of bringing news to you in the coming year to profile who, what, where!  In other words, introduce some of our readers who are seeking the Kingdom of God first . . . and what is happening with their needs.  Are they being met?  Are they blessed abundantly?

It will be an exciting time to explore the word of God for personal discoveries and prove His promises.  I’m excited about it and hope that you are too!

So again, this week will probably be a little relaxed with news – unless the Mayan Calendar was off a few days – Ha! Ha! So, let us rejoice in the glory of the Lord arising and shining on His family in 2013 as we continue to watch the globe sparkle and shine as the sheen of a rushing stream. If we are living in the days prophesied of the Prophet Isaiah, we will se it come to pass. Thanks for following along!



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