Understanding The Day of Jehovah Tsaba, Pt 7

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Special guest from Dayton, Ohio, Justine Nettleton, author of the Book Arise & Shine opens today’s teaching with a sharing and testimony of the Lord’s inspiration for this wonderful book. Her book can be found on The Day and Night Post home page in the library, or your favorite local Christian bookstore.

The series, Understanding The Day of Jehovah Tsaba, continues again this week with Pastor Dr. Don G. Pickney.  This Day of Jehovah Tsaba, referenced and defined in the Scripture has been gloriously preserved for the end of the age. The event references Jehovah’s plan and His purpose for His anointing upon His family for a special assignment.  In laymen’s terms it can be said God’s plan is to give the glory or the world [which has been stored up] to the Body of Christ so The Body of Christ can take Jehovah’s glory to the world . . . a great end time harvest.

Following years of traditional ministry, the Lord spoke to Dr. Pickney with an assignment to change his ministry, heralding the message of this day – this event – coming into the earth. Relying upon his vast knowledge of scripture, faith and the Word of God, Dr. Pickney has focused primarily upon this assignment for the past ten plus years.

Proclaiming the event, Charisma House Publishers, has recently published Dr. Pickney’s written work on the prophetic message titled, “A Prosperity Phenomenon, A Revelation of The Day of Jehovah Tsaba.” Endorsed and prefaced by world renowned Pastor Dr. Myles Munroe, this book is a first on the subject of this message in concise form.  Already, the vast details of Scripture in the book is being referenced by evangelical leaders and pastors globally as the missing link to what is happening in the earth at this time. You are encouraged to order this book, “A Prosperity Phenomenon, A Revelation of The Day of Jehovah Tsaba” from The Day and Night Bookstore here, at your local Christian bookstore or directly from Don Pickney Ministries referenced below.

And today, you have the privilege of Dr. Pickney continuing in this current series, highlight in streaming video weekly teachings, many of the topic and details of the book and the assignment.

Dr. Pickney will reference often, “I will never take you where the word of God does not go; but I will take you to the limits of His revelation in His word.”  So, while the world – and even the majority of the church – is perplexed about current events and the darkness increasing over the earth, Dr. Pickney will give you an understanding about the great light – anointing – simultaneously coming over the family of God.

We promise if you follow closely and reference the assignment teachings with corresponding scripture, you will begin to catch the revelation of God’s word concerning today’s events and settle any confusion and questions you, your loved ones, family, friends or church may have about Jehovah’s unfolding events and plan for the coming day.

Let’s continue in the series, “Understanding The Day of Jehovah Tsaba” as Dr. Don Pickney helps the church to “search the matter out.”

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Understanding The Day of Jehovah Tsaba, Pt 7
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