Understanding The Law of Presence and Effect, Pt. 2

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

Pastor Dr. Don Pickney

How can one understand the laws of spiritual presence and effect?  The natural man has the natural tendency to focus only upon the natural elements.  And, most generally without the consideration or awareness of spiritual influence – be it good or evil spiritual influence.  For example national and global events taking place in world today seem just the natural consequences of natural cause and effect: the general population, the news media, political systems, economic cycles, disturbances, wars and trials.

But the Scripture talks about natural events influenced by spiritual presence. Certainly the masses, and even most of the church ignore this; as it is not naturally discerned and perhaps trivialized.  Or perhaps because we live in a global culture of the extreme – extreme sports, extreme makeovers, extreme movie production, extreme weather, extreme natural – that the phenomenon of the spiritual doesn’t may even seem . . . diminished?  Nevertheless, if the natural man could see behind the veil, the spiritual laws of presence and effect would dwarf the natural wonders.

In today’s teaching, we continue with Dr. Pickney to go deeper into the insights of spiritual presence: the assignments, the influence and the significance in today’s changing world for the manifestation of God’s plans.

Most, even the world, is familiar with some prophetic teachings concerning end of the age events and global phenomenon.  But very few really understand the spiritual assignments that will bring great global events to pass. For a greater insight into God’s authority and His power and His rule over global events, join Dr. Pickney today as he continues in the series, “The Day of Jehovah Tsaba – Understanding The Law of Presence and Effect.”

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