War and Terrors . . . More To Come!


News forecast: more wars and terrors to come! Also on American soil.

This past week the US main stream media has been obsessed with the topic of violence and terror; especially in the light of the Boston Marathon bombing, with highlights of the Denver Pot Party shooting and other reflections. And, I concur.  The events of the week have been a living hell on American soil.

But on a recent broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor, Mr. Bill O’Reilly took aim and shot directly at White House Press Room reporter, Amina Ismail, for asking White House Press Secretary Jay Carney if U.S. bombings that kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan constitute an “act of terror” given the labeling of the Boston Marathon bombing as “terrorism”. She specifically refers to a U.S. airstrike earlier this month that killed 11 children, just the latest in a seemingly endless line or Afghan civilian deaths at the hands of the U.S. government.  Carney completely dodged the questions, pointing instead to the 9/11 terrorist attacks to justify U.S. bombings in Afghanistan. After a long-winded answer excusing U.S. conduct, Carney concludes, “ we take great care in the prosecution of this war.”

In the same segment, Mr. O’Reilly came “unglued” at veteran NBC News anchor, Tom Brokaw, for making candid remarks about U.S. drone strikes, Mr. O’Reilly citing there is “no comparison” between acts of war and terrorism on American soil. And exasperated both Amina Ismail and Mr. Brokaw were completely out of line; with a taunting invitation to Mr. Brokaw to “come on the program.”

With all due respect Mr. O’Reilly, I handily disagree. War is ALWAYS provoked; throughout the history of mankind, I can’t think of once incident of war – biblical, ancient or modern times – which has not been provoked: mostly by greed,  power, jealousy, revenge or . . . oppression.  Except in the case of oppression by world powers the oppressed have little hope: dysfunction over a long period of time becomes normal.  Therefore any revenge or uprising is considered unjustified, a provocation of war?

Remember, it took God Himself to avenge the oppressed in ancient Egypt because the super power of the day had no match.  I am convinced any remarks of chariot strikes by the Goshen News Reporters would have been considered “out of line” with a main stream Pharaoh Factor!

Now, “let me be perfectly clear,” as former President Richard Nixon would say, I’m a faithful listener to the O’Reilly Factor.  I’m not a liberal or a registered Democrat; neither am I a right-wing radical or registered Republican, but I am a registered Independent as Mr. O’Reilly also makes known to be.  Accordingly, I’m not taking personal issue with Mr. O’Reilly except that his incident view of this subject seems justified.  And I say, it is the arrogance of governance that proves my “fair and balanced” rebuttal.

One does not need to be conspiracy nut or “out of touch” to understand the mishandling of American foreign policy; or the foreign policy of any nation under the influence of evil. And that, Mr. O’Reilly, is the extent to which wars and terrors will not only continue, but further to get worse, subject to the accurate reporting of God’s News of Global Change in the prophetic scriptures of God’s word.

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