What’s All The Noise?


As we’ve indicated time and again, we subscribe to countless news feeds of global trends and events.  And there is a struggle to find positive news. A recent subscription newsletter included a video titled, “How to Survive AND Thrive The Age of Turmoil,” that summarized its perspective.  It was an excellent 3:45 minute production that voiced a familiar global concern in its own specific presentation.

Let me see if I can’t highlight some of the video and narrative remarks.  The video begins with still photos of rioting, police barricades, demonstrations and uprisings not only in faraway lands but in America as well.  The first voice was that of President Barack Obama saying, “If nothing is done, this recession could linger for years!” 

The video continues with sirens blaring and additional photos of families sitting around the table with bills piled high, default notices and screen shots of job searches.  And the narrative continues, “Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed that something is not quite right with the world. It’s not just the economic crisis in the United State and Europe. It’s something much bigger.  We have entered into something that I call, “The Age of Turmoil.” It’s been going on for quite a while and it’s starting to accelerate.  It is something that is basically, a complete system reset in the way things are done in the world.  And the bad news is it’s not going to end anytime soon.  But the good news is, there is something you and your loved ones can do to both survive and thrive in this age of turmoil.”  He’s getting ready here to either sell you something; or convince you to subscribe to his answer to the unprecedented global changes.  I’m not going to tell you who the narrator is for specific reasons.

But the video continues with a further introduction. The presenter identifyies himself as someone who, in the past several years has combined his training as a military intelligence officer along with his deep interest in finance and geo-political issues.  He travels the world extensively, sometimes up to 50 countries a year, visiting with key political and business figures and leaders as well as folks on the street to get an accurate perspective of what is really going on.  We’ll stop there with the video story and description of the message.

The point we’re making here is, this message, this script, this video theme is becoming more prevalent, more often and from more sources as days continue.  Like the man said, “Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past couple of years, everyone recognizes profound global changes the likes of which have never been witnessed before.” Hint – that should give some clue! 

What could possibly be happening that has never been witnessed in history before?  What could be occurring that is unprecedented and has the entire world confused?  What is shaking the world and confounding the heads of state, the financial pundits, the systems of the world and even religious order?  What is accelerating the same questions without answers from more leaders without solutions and more campaign without change? 

This seems to be the opportune time to promote answers for profit.  If indeed, the events are unique, the changes are unique, the financial landscape is unique and the geo-political systems are unique, it would seem an opportune time for those selling “in the know” to profit handsomely?  If everyone is asking questions and I have an answer; that would seem to spell a recipe for riches!  And if the paradigms are so profound, it shouldn’t be that difficult to make profound profits by anyone poised to capitalize on it.

But, what if their prognosis is dwarfed by something even greater?  What if the unprecedented paradigms are more than historic?  What if they are eternal?  No one, it seems, is considering the possibility of epic eternal events. No one is advertising the return of Jesus Christ.  How do you profit from that?  Do you suppose? 

It’s interesting, aside from all the noise of advisors and gurus, there is a quiet swelling of God’s spirit circling the globe.  There is, it seems, a manifestation of what the Prophet Isaiah foretold: God’s people would “Arise and Shine” in the last days. They aren’t selling any books.  They aren’t recommending any investments.  They aren’t profiting from any curriculum. They are not the invited guests on prime time talk shows or news channels. They are not engaged in international influence.  They are not speaking to the renowned leaders of business, banking, politics and government. They are not publishing must have newsletters. And, they are not worried about the unprecedented changes. If you knew them, they are from every tribe and every tongue and every nation. They are living quiet and peaceful lives, simply enjoying peace and favour in a world of uncertainty.

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