Will World Slavery Ever End?


Will world slavery ever end? Slavery, through much of world history, has demonstrated the rewards of evil.  Accordingly it has been justified by the great benefits of wealth to the world systems in the name of progress.

Slavery can be the result of war or capitalism. And throughout history, slavery from war seems justified; while slavery by capitalism seems hidden.

Joseph was openly sold into slavery by his brothers leading – or luring – the entire nation of Israel into Egypt by the pretense of wealth and abundance; eventually holding – or forcing – them into captivity, building that great ancient empire.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah fell to the Babylonians in 586 BC. The King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem and took the Israelites into exile; plundered the treasures of Solomon’s Temple and built the great Babylonian empire on the backs of slavery. This was viewed by the prophet Jeremiah as God’s chastisement. Babylon became a biblical symbol of corrupt power and wealth.

“In the modern world, for over 300 years, the most powerful nations on earth grew richer and stronger on the profits of the slave trade. Over 12 million men, women and children were forcibly transported on slave ships to the colonies and plantations in North and South America.

Today slavery is illegal in every country on the planet. But the truth is slavery did not die in the 19th Century. It is alive, it is thriving and it is bigger than ever.”AlJazeeraEnglish

At the very top, while the nations of the world are held captive by modern global (Babylonian) banking system today, at the bottom physical slavery – today’s video – is thriving in the prisons of the largest capitalist country on earth.

And while all of the historical global details of slavery are too numerous to mention in this article, our brief summary of biblical, ancient and  modern portrayal documents the evil of that which began at the dawn of history continues today with its objective of global dominance: a new world order; both financial and physical.

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